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Adding a process context variable to a workflow

When a user submits a service request, BMC Digital Workplace gathers process context information that can be used in a workflow. Process context is information from a service request and a service associated with the request.

This topic describes how to add and use the process context variable used for collecting information generated from a service request.

Before you begin

Review Capturing process information and passing it into a workflow.

To create a process context variable

To pass process context information to a workflow, you must add a variable of Service Broker Context data type to your process. This variable collects information from a service request and service request definition. 

You can create only one process context variable in a workflow.

  1. Open the workflow designer, and select the canvas to modify the process's settings.
  2. Click Add/Remove Variables.
  3. Click Add Variable, and enter the following values:


    objName process variable that represents the Service Broker Context data type.

    Each variable in the same workflow must have a unique name.

    Input/Output Parameter

    Select one or more of the following check boxes to define how Service Broker Context parameter will be used in a workflow action it is applied to:

    • Input—Optional input data item used to perform an action
    • Input Required—Required input data item used to perform an action
    • Output —Output data captured from an action
    Data TypeService Broker Context

    The following illustration shows Add Variable window.

  4. Save the process context variable.

To use a process context variable in the Expression builder

When a catalog administrator adds a process context variable to a process, it can be used in an expression for any action parameter in your workflow.

  1. Open the Expression builder for a selected property.
  2. Expand the process context variable (called Process Context in the following screenshot), and click next to any process context property to insert specific information into a workflow activity field. For more information, see Process context variable parameters reference.
    In the following example, Full Name is used in an expression for the Content field of a Send In App Notification action.

    You can also enter a property name as text directly into the Expression builder of a workflow activity field. Process context variable has the following JSON format:
    JSON of SB context

Where to go from here

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