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Setting service level agreements

Service catalog administrators and internal service supplier administrators can configure the Service Level Agreements (SLA) for a service. The SLA section is where you include optional information to capture the terms of service agreed upon by an organization and the service supplier who provides the service. SLAs contain text, documents, and individually assigned metrics that can be tracked and displayed in reports.

Before you begin

Create the service, as described in Adding and updating services.

To add Service Level Agreement (SLA) information

  1. Go to Services > Services, and open a service.
  2. Click Edit next to Service Level Agreement on the Service Options pane.

  3. Enter a text version in Description field.

  4. (Optional) Click Add Trackable Metric, and select a value, then complete fields as required. 
  5. (Optional) If required according to your legal statement, attach a digital copy of SLA as a file, or provide a link to an online SLA copy.
  6. Click Save.

Available metrics to track service fulfillment 

The following metrics are visible to end users when they request services with SLAs in  BMC Digital Workplace . These metrics indicate when end users should expect their service requests to be completed.

Trackable metricComments
Provisioning Time

Specified in days, hours, or minutes.

Note: The duration must exclude two days of the weekend. For example, if the provisioning time is two working weeks, specify 10 days as the value.

Service Availability

Promised reliability and quality of service, with description and a measurable percentage.

Response Time

Expected time to receive a response from support. Up to four severity levels can be monitored: Low, Medium, High, and Critical.

Where to go from here

Approving and publishing services

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