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Integrating BMC Digital Workplace with BMC Virtual Chat

With BMC Virtual Chat, users can chat with a virtual or a live agent to get answers to their questions. Support agents use the Support Agent Console to chat with business users. They can chat with multiple business users simultaneously, and their conversation is logged to an incident request.

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To integrate BMC Digital Workplace  with BMC Virtual Chat, perform the following tasks:

BMC Digital Workplace

Configure the Chat button to be displayed in BMC Digital Workplace and to launch BMC Virtual Chat in a browser window.

  1. From the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console (http://server:port/dwp/admin), select Configuration, and then click Enable Features.

  2. Select Virtual Chat.
  3. Select the Virtual Chat tab.
  4. In the Virtual Chat URL field, specify the URL to connect to the Self Service Portal. The standard URL is in the format http://midTierServerName:portNumber/eschat/, as in
  5. Optionally, you can change the dimensions of the window. The minimum size for the chat window is 480 x 670 pixels
BMC Virtual Chat

Configure knowledge articles to open in BMC Digital Workplace , as described in Configuring knowledge articles to launch in BMC MyIT in the BMC Virtual Chat 9.1 documentation. The virtual agent can provide links to knowledge articles. If you do not perform this configuration, the knowledge article links open in BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

  1. Modify the virtual agent query for knowledge to use BMC Digital Workplace instead of the Mid Tier.
  2. Update the Self Service Portal configuration for knowledge.
  3. Refresh the servlets.

 The following video demonstrates the steps to integrate BMC Digital Workplace  with BMC Virtual Chat.


The video shows an older version of BMC Digital Workplace . The previous product name was MyIT. Although there might be minor changes in the user interface, the overall functionality remains the same.


This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.