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Exploring the Question Designer

As a catalog administrator, internal service supplier administrator, or internal service supplier, you can build service questionnaires by using the capabilities of the Questions Designer tool. You can access the Question Designer by adding a new questionnaire to the Question Library or editing an existing questionnaire in the Questions Library. 

Before you begin

Create either or both of the following items:

To access questionnaires associated with a service

  1. On the Services tab, double-click a service. 
  2. On the Service Options tab, expand the status and click Workflows & Questions.

  3. On the Workflow & Questions pane, perform one of the following actions:
    • To modify the already added questionnaire, click Edit next to Questions.
    • To access the Question Library, click Add next to Questions

To access questionnaires associated with a workflow

  1. Go to Workflows.
  2. Select a workflow, and then select Actions > Manage Questions.

  3. On the Questionnaire Library pane, select a questionnaire.

You can manage questionnaires as required from the Question Library.

To manage questionnaires in the Question Library

On the Questionnaire Library pane, click Actions to perform one of the following actions:

  • To modify a selected questionnaire, click Edit.
  • To convert a selected questionnaire to a multiuser request questionnaire, click Copy as multiuser request.
  • To convert a selected questionnaire to a single user request questionnaire, click Copy as single user request.
  • To create a new single user request questionnaire, select Create single-user request.
  • To create a new multiuser request, select Create multi-user request. For details about how to configure a multiuser questionnaire, see Creating multiuser request questionnaires.

Overview of the Question Designer interface

The Question Designer consists of the following elements:

Questions tab

From the Questions tab, you can drag questions and drop them onto the canvas. The Questions tab includes the following sections:

Process Questions shows process input variables used in the associated workflow. You  must drag all process questions onto the canvas and configure them as required, so that they appear in the questionnaire. The information captured by these questions is passed into workflows.

User Generated Questions section is empty until you add questions to the canvas. After you drop any question onto the canvas, the question appears in this section.

The following example shows process questions added to the questionnaire:

Actions tab

Through actions, you can make it easier for the user to complete the questionnaire by populating or updating question responses with information from Remedy forms. When the user makes a request, actions can be triggered when the questionnaire opens. For example, when the service questionnaire opens, an action can populate the Approver question with the requester's manager. Actions can also be triggered when the user responds to a question. For example, when the user selects a value for the Site question, an action can populate the shipping address questions. You can add actions only after there are applicable questions on the canvas.


If you import an SRD from BMC Service Requestion Management, actions created in BMC Service Request Management are not displayed on the Actions tab. Although they are not displayed in the question designer, actions and triggers from the imported SRD run when the user completes the questionnaire.

For details about actions and triggers, see Creating questions with default responses.


The canvas represents the questionnaire. A new canvas does not include any questions until you add them from the Questions tab. 

On the canvas you can perform the following actions:

  • Rearrange the order of the questions by using drag and drop.
  • Group the questionnaire into multiple pages (If the service questionnaire includes many questions).
  • Edit questions in the questionnaire.
  • Delete questions from the questionnaire.


Be aware that conditional questions and some action triggers have dependencies on questions. If you delete a question that is specified for a conditional question or for an action trigger, you cannot save the service questionnaire until you resolve the issue. For details about conditional questions, see Building conditional questionnaires.

Questionnaire pages

By default, all questions that you drag onto the canvas are added to the default Page 1 tab:

If you have a complex questionnaire with multiple questions, you can group them and distribute between multiple pages in a questionnaire. Questions distributed between pages in a service questionnaire are displayed in sections in a service request. In the following example, the service request is built on a questionnaire with questions grouped in the VM info, User info, and Resource group info sections:

To rename a page, click on the pencil icon, and enter the new name.

To add a new page, click the New Page tab.

Where to go from here

Designing a questionnaire

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