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Enhanced catalog

Business end users can request services through the enhanced catalog, a consumer-friendly app store experience. The enhanced catalog provides enriched profiles and categories for service items, bundles, and promotional banners to help self-service users learn more about the services in your organization. For example, you might have a service called "User Account Management" for requesting new accounts or password changes, as shown in the following image:

To set up the enhanced catalog in your organization, catalog administrators must have a license to use the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog application.

Enrich catalog profiles with images, video, and rich text

Enhance the service catalog experience by creating profiles for service items that include:

  • Multimedia carousel of videos and images to illustrate the selected service.
  • Rich text descriptions with business and technical details to help users make decisions when requesting services.
  • Downloadable files and links to internet and other web resources.
  • Service ratings and timeline to help users evaluate solutions.

Example of a rich catalog profile

Highlight services and other important information with banners

Notify users of important information and draw attention to featured services in your catalog by using promotional banners of different sizes.

Full width hero banners displayed in client application

Feature banners displayed in client application

Combine related items that are ordered together with bundles

Help users select options for requested items. Service bundles can contain optional items that the user can switch on or off before submitting the request. The catalog manager can switch the status of optional items as on or off when packaging a bundle.

Example of a bundle with optional items

Enable users to filter catalog items by categories

Provide filters to make it easier for users to browse the catalog.

Example of a category selection

Enhance the search for enhanced catalog items

Make it easier for users to find items in the catalog. Users can search the catalog for words found in the following catalog profile sections:

  • Service name or title
  • Service version
  • Service description
  • Service tags

Best Practice

Develop a consistent tagging scheme for your organization.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.