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End to end example of waiting for a Remedy ITSM response

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflows fulfill service requests by sending instructions to external systems through the service connector actions. When an action sends an instruction, the workflow can wait for a response from the external system.

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Before you begin

  • You must configure the external system to respond to fulfillment workflow requests and return a string that could be used to direct the workflow. See: Integrating Remedy applications with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.
  • To create filters that perform custom actions, you must use BMC Remedy Developer Studio.


    The integration script installs the WOI:WorkOrder_ChangeStatus filter which sends a response each time the status of a work order changes.

Demonstration of a workflow that waits for a response

The following video (14:18) demonstrates the implementation of a workflow in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog that creates a work order in BMC Service Request Management.


  • The following video shows an older version of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog . The previous product name was MyIT Service Broker. Although there might be minor changes in the UI, the overall functionality remains the same.
  • To view only the steps to design the workflow that creates a work order and waits for a response, skip ahead in the video to 9:12.

The preceding video demonstrates how to build a filter that sends the a response only when the work order is marked Completed, and then shows the design of a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflow that creates a work order, and inserts a Receive Task element to wait for the response from BMC Service Request Management before completing the process.

The goal is to help you to understand how BMC Digital Workplace Catalog communicates with an AR System server. You should modify the process to meet your specific needs.

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