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Designing a questionnaire

As a catalog administrator, internal service supplier administrator, or internal service supplier, perform the following tasks and steps to create a service questionnaire. 


Open the Questionnaire Designer to add a single-user questionnaire or a multiuser questionnaire.

Exploring the Question Designer


(Optional) If you plan to create a lengthy and complex questionnaire, add questionnaire pages to later group questions related to each other.

By default, all questions that you drag onto the canvas are added to the default page.

Exploring the Question Designer


Click + to add all process questions available on the Questions tab, and configure the question settings.

Process questions are the process input variables configured in a workflow which is associated with this questionnaire. Process questions are by default displayed on the Questions tab when you open the Question Designer.

Question settings in the Question Designer 


(Optional) To add a non-process question, click Add on palette, and configure the question settings as required.

Non-process questions are question field types not used in the workflow process. Non-process questions include information that you add to the questionnaire, such as section headings (Section) and descriptive text (Description). Non-process questions also include question types, which you can use to guide the user through the questionnaire.

Question settings in the Question Designer 

5(Optional) To display questions based on end user answers to other questions in a service questionnaire, create conditions for questions. 
You might need to create conditional questions if you have questions related to each other. 
Building conditional questionnaires
6(Optional) To prepopulate questions with default answers, create triggers that dynamically prepopulate questions with default responses based on user actions, or create questions with static default responses. Creating questions with default responses
7(Mandatory for a multiuser request questionnaire) Configure the multiuser request questionnaire as required.Creating multiuser request questionnaires
8Save the questionnaire.Not applicable

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