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Creating service questionnaires

Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create question forms for  BMC Digital Workplace  users to complete when submitting requests. Questionnaires share a many-to-one relationship with workflows. Different services can display unique question sets, which are associated with the same workflow. Be aware that when you delete a workflow, all questions associated with that workflow are deleted as well.


BMC Digital Workplace Catalog provides the ability to add service questionnaires in multiple languages. You can publish service questionnaires and their translations for end users in different locales. For more information, see Localizing catalog items.

Questionnaires for SRDs imported from BMC Service Request Management

If you import an SRD from BMC Service Request Management, the questionnaire is automatically populated from BMC Service Request Management. You can view, edit questions, and add new questions. For imported questions, you cannot modify queries. However, for new questions, you can use the expression builder to create queries.

Actions created in BMC Service Request Management are not displayed on the Actions tab. You cannot add new actions or triggers. Although they are not displayed in the question designer, existing actions and triggers from the imported SRD will run when the user completes the questionnaire.


If you delete a question or a response that is used by an action trigger of the imported SRD, the trigger will no longer work and will no longer populate the response to a question.

Questionnaires for native services

Follow the links in this table to learn how to create questionnaires for native services:

Access the Question Designer and to learn how to use itExploring the Question Designer
Learn how to create a questionnaireDesigning a questionnaire
Familiarize yourself with question types and question settingsQuestion settings in the Question Designer
Configure a questionnaire for multi-request servicesCreating multiuser request questionnaires
Create selection menus for question responsesCreating selection menus for question responses
Configure conditions for questionsBuilding conditional questionnaires
Configure a questionnaire to share user responses between multiple services in the same cartCreating questions with default responses
Configure a questionnaire to prepopulate question fields with answers from external assetsCreating a questionnaire with answers prepopulated from an external asset form

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.