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Creating a questionnaire with answers prepopulated from an external asset form

This topic describes how catalog administrators can create questionnaires with fields prepopulated from forms in an external Remedy Asset Management system. Catalog administrators might need to create such questionnaires for service actions that are associated with external assets available to end users on their My Stuff page.  

To create questions with prepopulated answers from an external asset form, catalog administrators must add a questionnaire with an action trigger that uses the Asset External ID process context variable. This variable is necessary for building a query that retrieves data from fields available in an external asset form.  

Before you begin

  • Create a service action, and associate it with any asset class. For details about how to do this, see Managing service actions.
  • Design a required workflow for the service action. For more information about how to do this, see Designing a simple workflow.

To create a questionnaire with fields prepopulated from an external asset form

  1. Create the required process questions. See Creating service questionnaires.
  2. In the Questions Designer, select the Actions tab, and click Add an action.
  3. Complete the Action Name and the Trigger fields as required.
  4. In the Forms section, click Add Form, and select a form from the list, and click Save.
  5. In the expression builder field, create a query to filter external assets.
    The query should return an asset that will be used for retrieving data. 
    In the following example, a condition is set to find an entry in the AST:BaseElement Remedy form, which has a Reconciliation Identity field whose value is equal to the Asset External Id process context parameter value.
  6. In the Mappings section, click Add Mapping and map question responses for process questions with respective form fields from an external asset.
    In the following example, questions responses are configured to be prepopulated from fields retrieved from the AST:BaseElement form:
  7. Save the questionnaire.

    Now the questionnaire is ready to be used by a service action. When your service action is fully configured, activate the service action, so it becomes available for users who have assets associated with this service action.

Service action example reference

To better understand how you can build a required service, download the example service action file ( described in this topic. In BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, go to Services > Service Actions, and import it to your system as described in Managing service actions.


To successfully import this service action to your system, you must have Remedy connector configured, and enabled in Application Settings > Asset Management in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For details about configuring connections, see Configuring services and assets to be available on the My Stuff page.

The name of the Remedy connector must be RemedyDefault. If you have a Remedy connector configured, but it has a different name, you can temporarily rename your Remedy connector, and import the service action. When you have imported the service action, you can rename the Remedy connector to the previous name.

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