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This version of the product is in limited support. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments. Click here to view the documentation for the current version.

Catalog content from the starter kit

Your BMC Digital Workplace  installation includes a starter kit that contains common service request definitions (SRDs) and catalog sections.  Administrators and employees of any company can access these items, because the SRDs are imported to the Global company. The Global company is a special company that provides default SRDs and other settings to all companies. SRDs are online by default. 

The starter kit is imported only during a fresh installation and not during an upgrade.

Sections in the catalog provided by the starter kit

Before users start to use the SRDs from the starter kit

The default values for the SRDs might not be appropriate for your organization. A Service Request Manager should review the SRDs, and modify, disable, or set entitlements for SRDs as appropriate to your organization. The Request Catalog Manager for all these SRDs is set to the sample data user "Allen Allbrook" in the company "Calbro Services". From BMC Service Request Management, an administrator or Service Request Manager can update the SRDs with the person who is responsible for managing the SRDs.

The following SRDs have additional requirements, such as Asset entries in the Product Catalog. An administrator can provide the necessary requirements, a Service Request Manager can modify the SRD to better meet your organization's needs, or a Service Request Manager can take the SRD offline, so that it is not available.

SRDRequirementAdditional information
IT Asset Request
  • Assets (Laptop, Keyboard, Monitor) in the Product Catalog
  • Cost centers
New Hire Provisioning
  • Modify the SRD to use organizations from your company
  • Cost centers


The following video show an older version of BMC Digital Workplace. The previous product name was MyIT. Although there might be minor changes in the UI, the overall functionality remains the same.

The following video (2:57) demonstrates how to configure the Catalog before you can use the SRDs available in the starter kit:

SRDs imported into BMC Service Request Management

The  BMC Digital Workplace installer imports SRDs for common requests into BMC Service Request Management. These SRDs include the following IT requests and facilities requests:

  • Adjust Room Temperature
  • Audio Visual/Video Conferencing
  • Business Application Request
  • Building Problem
  • Desktop Support Requests
  • Email Problems
  • Guest Wi-Fi Request
  • Office Move
  • Parking Permit Request
  • Password Problems
  • Report a Safety Concern
  • Request Conference Room Booking

Additional requests are included in the starter kit. From BMC Service Request Management, a Service Request Manager can see the full list of SRDs.

Catalog sections

Your catalog in BMC Digital Workplace  is preconfigured with the following sections:

SectionType of content
Most Common IT ServicesSRDs in BMC Service Request Management
Common Facilities ServicesSRDs in BMC Service Request Management

In BMC Digital Workplace , a BMC Digital Workplace  administrator can view these catalog sections, group items into catalog sections that make sense for your organization, and add or remove items from catalog sections.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.