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Building a custom input map in a workflow

When you design a workflow, you can create custom parameters to send to an activity that can receive these parameters. 

A single Build Input Set activity provides fields to create 10 key=value pairs. If needed, you can chain multiple Build Input Set elements to create more than 10 key=value pairs.

Population of custom fields into a Remedy work order

You can configure several Build Input Set elements and merge them together to populate up to 34 custom fields.

In this example, the workflow populates the following fields on a work order Details tab:

Work order fieldField labelData type
WO Type Field 1DepartmentText
WO Type Field 2Equipment requestText
WO Type Field 6Date desiredDate/Time


For the Details and Details2 tabs on the Work Order Template in Remedy, the Create Remedy Work Order activity indexes fields in a linear order as they are declared by a unique field label. For the workflow to populate fields indexed 1, 2, and then 6, the workflow must insert unused parameters into the fields indexed 3, 4, and 5.

Before you begin 

Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow, as described in Exploring the workflow designer.

To configure a Build Input Set to map variables to index fields 

This example shows only how to configure input variables and populate Build Input Set to send the values to a Remedy work order. You can complete the steps to create the work order on your own.

  1. Click the canvas, and then click Add/Remove Variables.

  2. Click Add Variable and create the following input variables.

    NameData type

    The variable names are similar to the field labels, but do not need to be.

  3. Click Build Input Set to view the Input Map.
  4. For each Key parameter, add the field label. For each Value parameter, add the text or input variable that you created.
    Enclose text values in double quotes, as shown in the following table:

    Input map parameterValue
    Key 1"Department"
    Key 2"Equipment request"
    Value 2EQUIPMENT
    Key 3"Unused 3"
    Value 3Blank
    Key 4"Unused 4"
    Value 4Blank
    Key 5"Unused 5"
    Value 5Blank
    Key 6"Date desired"

    When populating the Build Input Set parameters, the field label values for Key 3, Key 4, and Key 5 must be unique to generate the correct field index. For example, if the label for Key 4 duplicated the label of Key 3, then the field index would be short by one field.

  5. Click Create Remedy Work Order to view its input parameters.
  6. For the Detail field, click to open the expression builder.
  7. In the expression builder, under Activities, expand Build Input Set to select the Inputs parameter.

    The field labels and values are sent to the work order as a list object. If you view the text, it renders as a JSON text string.

Where to go from here

Complete the remaining aspects of the workflow, as described in Workflows for service fulfillment.

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