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Access from anywhere

End users can  access  BMC Digital Workplace  from the desktop or from mobile client applications.

If you use the BMC Chatbot integration, end users do not have to open the BMC Digital Workplace application. They can request services and check knowledge from Slack, SMS (text message), Microsoft Skype, or from BMC Chatbot.

Scenario: road warrior

Joe is travelling for the first time to the Boston office. At the airport, he wonders if his employee badge will work in the Boston office. Joe opens  BMC Digital Workplace  on his smart phone. After a quick search, he finds an "employee badge office access" service request and submits it. In Boston, when he takes his phone out of airplane mode, Joe receives notification that his request has been resolved. At the office, he is able to swipe his badge and let himself in.

Scenario: self-service from Skype

Mary spends much of her day on Skype, responding to queries from the team she supports. She needs WiFi access for a visiting customer, so she contacts the chatbot on Skype and says, "Request guest WiFi." The chatbot asks her a few questions, and soon she gets the credentials that she can give to the visiting customer. That evening, finishing work at home, Mary has problems connecting to the VPN. She contacts the chatbot on Skype and says "Cannot connect to VPN." The chatbot sends her a knowledge article. She follows the tips and connects to the VPN.

Mobile self-service

The following video (1:28) highlights the mobile self-service features of BMC Remedy 9 and BMC Digital Workplace :

To enable mobile access and clients

Deploying clients

To enable the BMC Chatbot integration

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.