This documentation supports the 18.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Multi-user workload test results

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Sizing and scalability

  • With the given server configuration for each tier, a single BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server can support a workload of approx 500 DWP end users and 10 DWP Catalog Admin users.
  • Since BMC Digital Workplace Catalog servers are standalone, without any clustering or session replication, more nodes can be added to scale horizontally.
  • Scale vertically first, by increasing the power of the VM.
  • Scale horizontally next by adding more VMs.
  • Additional nodes should be added to support High Availability (HA). 


These sizing estimates should be used as a starting point. You should conduct benchmarks in your environment, because sizing will vary depending on the specific workload mix, data volumes, and data composition.

Response times and server resource utilization

The charts in this section show end-user response times, CPU usage and memory usage for each tier during 510 multi user test with Catalog Page Configuration mentioned in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog test methodology.

The end-user client machine was set to 100ms WAN latency.

1020 user load test (1000 DWP end users and 20 DWP Catalog Administrative users) was conducted by having two nodes of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Servers in HA (High Availability) and vertically scaling DWP and ARServer. The following charts shows the average CPU percentage for each tier.

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