This documentation supports the 18.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Embedding custom pages from Innovation Suite application

As the BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can enable the Innovation Suite Application feature inBMC Digital Workplace to configure and add custom pages from BMC Helix Innovation Suite to BMC Digital Workplace.

This feature allows your end users to view the required Innovation Suite pages in their BMC Digital Workplace application. For example, if you create a corresponding configuration, managers who work with both applications, are able to track the BMC Helix Innovation Suite requests from their teams inside the BMC Digital Workplace application.


This feature is not supported on Apple iOS and Google Android clients.

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Supported languages and locales

Embedding BMC Helix Innovation Suite views in external applications

The following illustration shows a high-level overview of the end-to-end process of embedding custom pages from the Innovation Suite application to the BMC Digital Workplace application:


To learn more about the workflow on the BMC Helix Innovation Suite side, see  Embedding BMC Helix Innovation Suite views in external applications .

To enable the Innovation Suite Application feature 


The Innovation Suite Application feature is disabled by default.

  1. Go to BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, and select Configuration > Enable Features.
  2. Select the Innovation Suite Application check box:


    You cannot set an Innovation Suite custom page as a landing page.

    After the check box is selected, the Innovation Suite Application feature is enabled; you can configure and add BMC Helix Innovation Suite pages.
    If you clear the check box, this feature is disabled.

To configure and add custom pages 

  1. In BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, go to Configuration > Innovation Suite App.

  2. (Optional) If you want to use the Innovation Suite RSSO option, perform the following actions:


    The following requirements must be matched on the Innovation Suite and RSSO sides:

    • The BMC Digital Workplace server address must be added to Innovation Suite Admin console > Configure My Server > Innovation Suite > iframe Security

    • The preauthentication certificate with the private key in .pem format must be added to RSSO Admin console > Realm > Authentication > Certificate

    • The Innovation Suite URL must be added to RSSO Admin console > Realm > General > Application domains

    • In the Connection settings section, provide the RSSO host name and upload your RSSO preauthentication certificate. 

    • If your BMC Helix Innovation Suite application has a multi-tenant configuration, provide the domain name; otherwise leave the Domain name field blank.

  3. In the Create custom page section, click the Add page button.
    A new tab for the custom page is created:


    The tab name is updated when the page name is entered (see step 5).

  4. Provide the URL of the page from BMC Helix Innovation Suite that you want your end users to see in their BMC Digital Workplace application.
  5. In the Page name field, enter a custom title for the page (the length of the page title cannot exceed 35 characters). 
    This title is applicable for the default (English) locale.


    After you save the changes, the title you provided is visible to your end users in their BMC Digital Workplace application.

  6. (Optional) To create a different page title for a different locale, perform the following steps:

    • Click Select locale, and select an appropriate locale. 

    • In the Page name field, enter a new value for the selected locale.


    You can create separate page titles for all supported locales. To see the full list of supported locales, go to Supported languages and locales.

  7. Click Save.
    The configured BMC Helix Innovation Suite page is added to the BMC Digital Workplace application. End users can access this page in their BMC Digital Workplace Universal clients.


You can delete the custom page in Admin Console if the page tab is active (opened) by clicking the X icon. If the page is deleted from the Admin Console, it is automatically removed from the global navigation.

BMC Helix Innovation Suite pages in BMC Digital Workplace

After the BMC Digital Workplace administrator configures and saves the BMC Helix Innovation Suite custom page in the Admin console, all end users are able to access it from the main navigation bar. If the administrator adds more than one custom page, these pages are placed one next to the other, as shown in the following illustration:

If the administrator has set different page titles for different locales, the page titles are displayed for end users according to the locale specified in their browser settings.

If the user navigates to the custom page, the corresponding page of  BMC Helix Innovation Suite application is automatically loaded in place of the BMC Digital Workplace page. The following illustration shows an example of an BMC Helix Innovation Suite page embedded to the BMC Digital Workplace application:


If the RSSO option was configured while adding the custom page, users are not prompted to log in to the BMC Helix Innovation Suite application.

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