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BMC Digital Workplace Catalog benchmark summary

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A series of multi-user tests were conducted to determine the performance and scalability of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The following product versions were used in the tests:

  • BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 18.08 and server platform
  • BMC Digital Workplace 18.08
  • Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.1.004

The Micro Focus Silk Performer product was used as the load driver to simulate concurrent online users who executes a specified number of business transactions per hour. Each concurrent user submitted transactions based on industry-standard transaction rates for each business process.

Performance test has been carried out by scaling vertically first upto 510 users and then by horizontally scaling with two Digital Workplace Catalog (DWP-Catalog) servers deployed in a High Availability (HA) mode simulating 1000 end users and 20 DWP Catalog administrative users load while vertically scaling DWP and AR-ITSM Servers. The application scales linearly across these servers.

For a description of the test use cases, including the number of transactions per hour tested for a concurrent user, see the tables in BMC Digital Workplace Broker test methodology listed under Related topics.

The key characteristics of the test results are as follows:


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