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Uninstalling BMC Digital Workplace

The following procedure describes how to uninstall the file system for BMC Digital Workplace.


The uninstaller does not uninstall the BMC Digital Workplace database; it removes only the system files. BMC Digital Workplace data (including BMC Remedy Action Request System integration) and structures remain intact.

To uninstall BMC Digital Workplace

  1. Uninstall the application: 
    • (Windows) Go to the UninstallBMCDwp folder (such as C:\Program Files\BMC Software\DWP\UninstallBMCDwp), and run the uninstall file.
      Alternatively, From the Windows Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs > Digital Workplace <version> Install and click Remove.
    • (Linux) Go to the UninstallBMCDwp folder (such as /data1/bmc/dwp/UninstallBMCDwp), and run the uninstall file. 
  2. On the BMC Remedy ITSM server, log on to BMC Remedy Developer Studio, and delete the following:
      • MyIT and MyIT Administration forms (all forms prefixed with MyIT)
      • You might have to switch to Base Development mode to delete the files. For more information, see new  Deleting forms  and  Changing the development mode  in the BMC Remedy AR System documentation

    Deleting BMC Digital Workplace forms from Developer Studio

  3. Delete integration patch entries from the SHARE:Application_Properties.
  4. As an administrator, log in to the BMC Remedy Mid-Tier for the BMC Remedy ITSM server and delete the following:
    1. Open the Roles form; in the Application Name field, search with %MyIT%, and delete the following roles:
      • MyIT Administrator
      • MyIT
      • Unrestricted Access
    2. Open the Group form; in the Group Name field, search with %MyIT%, and delete the following groups:
      • MyIT Admin
      • MyIT Super Admin
    3. Open the Report form; in the Report Name field, search for the new_field_z1d_action_wo1 report and delete the record.
  5. From Oracle or Microsoft SQL, drop the DWP database.
  6. After deleting DWP database from the database server, you must also delete DWP_Business and DWP_System users from the Logins folder. 
  7. Verify that the following services have been stopped and removed:
      •  DWP Application
  8. Verify that the DWP directory has been removed. If not, delete it manually. 
  9. Restart the AR Server.
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  1. Francesca Desimine

    Hi there, I would like to go back to DWP basic, may I unistall the advanced, and re-install the basic without drop the DB? tks f

    Mar 21, 2019 12:05
    1. Ravee Panjwani

      Thanks for your comment, Francesca.

      I will check with an SME, and get back to you with an update.

      Please note that the License entitlements vary for BMC Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, and will impact the functionality available from your BMC Digital Workplace Admin and end user console as well.


      Mar 21, 2019 08:46
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Francesca!

      It is not possible to reinstall DWP without dropping DB. DWP can be switched from basic to advanced and vice versa during upgrade.

      Mar 22, 2019 08:19
  2. Francesca Desimine

    Hi Ravee and Olga, thanks for your comments, i dropped the DB yesterday because i received a warning during the installation.

    Mar 23, 2019 10:11