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With BMC Digital Workplace, employees can find the same consumer-oriented experiences they enjoy in their personal lives, with one-stop-shopping for the technology tools they need to do their work effortlessly.
Release notes and notices
updated 29 Oct

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Release notes and notices in BMC Remedy with Smart IT 18.05




September 30. 2019Critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability in BMC Digital Workplace

Flash notification that describes how to fix an unauthenticated Remote Code Execution security vulnerability in BMC Digital Workplace.

August 1, 201818.05.00 enhancements

The 18.05.00 release provides enhancements in the following areas:

  • Data protection enhancements to support the GDPR
  • BMC Digital Workplace install and upgrade simplification
  • Integration with external systems supporting Asset Management
  • Service actions enhancements
  • My Stuff page updates
  • Amazon Web Service Catalog Integration Service connector
  • Workflows enhancements
  • Importing localized services
  • Shopping cart enhancements
  • Navigation enhancements for categories in  BMC Digital Workplace
  • Catalog page view and Full page category view enhancements for categories in  BMC Digital Workplace


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Getting started


Configuration example >

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Planning your installation and implementation



Performing the installation



Performing the upgrade

Deploying clients


Rebranding and deploying clients



Common issues, error messages, logs, and contacting Support

Features for end users


Features for end users

Creating and managing the service catalog


Creating catalog sections, service categories, services,bundles, and banners

Enabling self-service in an organization


Enabling self-service features in your ornanization



Integrations with other products



General administrative tasks

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Getting started videos

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Installation videos

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and Installing BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

sections contain videos that supplement or replace the text-based documentation:

Client deployment videos

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Integration videos

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Enabling self-service in your organization videos

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Connector videos

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Administration videos

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Troubleshooting videos

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This topic provides information that supplements the BMC Digital Workplace documentation.

Frequently asked questions about migration of my social data from MongoDB to the BMC Digital Workplace relational database

 Should I migrate my MongoDB data as part of the upgrade or use the migration utility?

If you migrate your MongoDB data as part of the upgrade, all your important social and notification data, such as ticket and ticket comments, is migrated together. The time required to migrate your data will be proportional to the amount of data present in the MongoDB, and might increase the time required to upgrade BMC Digital Workplace. For complete control on the size of the data you want to migrate, use the migration utility and define a custom retention period. For example, if data for the last 90 days requires 1 GB of space and all the data in your MongoDB requires 10 GB, you can choose to migrate only 90 days of data.

 Where does the data that is on MongoDB get moved?

The data that is on your MongoDB is moved to the relational database (Oracle or Microsoft SQL), that you used to install BMC Digital Workplace.

 Do I have to move data from the MongoDB for BMC Digital Workplace to work after an upgrade?

Yes, it is mandatory to move data from MongoDB to the BMC Digital Workplace RDBMS before you start using BMC Digital Workplace. Set a very low retention period, such as 1 day, to move minimum data from MongoDB and get up and running quickly.

Frequently asked questions about the separation of Smart IT

 Is it mandatory to create a new database or schema for BMC Digital Workplace?

If you are using Smart IT, you must create a new database or schema that will safely migrate your BMC Digital Workplace data without impacting the functioning of Smart IT. If you have never installed Smart IT or do not use it, you can continue to use the existing database or schema.

 Do I have to install the User Experience patch before upgrading BMC Digital Workplace?

With the exception of version 18.02, you must install the patch before upgrading from all supported versions. In version 18.05, the patch has been replaced by the ITSM Integration patch. The User Experience patch has been replaced with the ITSM Integration patch in 18.05. You can upgrade from all versions of BMC Digital Workplace between 3.3.02 and 18.02.

 Do I need to upgrade my hardware to use BMC Digital Workplace 18.05?

No, your existing configuration is fully supported for this release of BMC Digital Workplace.

 Can I upgrade Smart IT to 18.05 after upgrading BMC Digital Workplace to 18.05?

Yes, but you must upgrade Remedy ITSM to 18.05 before upgrading Smart IT to 18.05.

 Should I use separate servers for the BMC Digital Workplace and Smart IT applications and databases?

With the removal of MongoDB, you can potentially repurpose the MongoDB server as the database or application server. You must make this decision based on your server configuration and other applications that share the server. You should also consider the purpose of the applications, and the impact of maintenance activities such as upgrades, downtimes, and server restarts.

 Do I need to retain MongoDB, the UX war file, and other files that are not being used by BMC Digital Workplace 18.05?

No, these files can be deleted. A utility that automates the configuration and data cleanup tasks is under development.

Frequently asked questions about BMC Digital Workplace for all users

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BMC Digital Workplace.

 What is BMC Digital Workplace all about?

BMC Digital Workplace includes mobile and desktop client applications that enable employees to interact with their IT and HR departments efficiently and "in the moment." You can find details about BMC Digital Workplace capabilities in Use cases.


BMC Digital Workplace Catalog provides web-based administration of the next-generation service catalog.  BMC Digital Workplace Catalog aggregates service catalogs from different sources and orchestrates fulfillment of service requests. For more information, see Creating and managing the service catalog.

 How does BMC Digital Workplace work with other BMC mobility options?

BMC Digital Workplace is aimed at consumers of IT or other services, while BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) is aimed at staff members delivering or supporting IT or other services. Both BMC Digital Workplace and BMC Remedy ITSM offer mobility UI options. For BMC Remedy ITSM, mobility was, in the past, delivered via BMC Mobility products, but it is now delivered via BMC Remedy with Smart IT.

 What’s the difference between Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace?

BMC Digital Workplace is aimed at consumers of IT or other services. Remedy with Smart IT is the new user experience for BMC Remedy ITSM, which is aimed at staff members delivering or supporting IT or other services. Both of them share the same installer and technology infrastructure, but the solutions can be enabled and used independently. For best results in service management, the use of both components is recommended. BMC Digital Workplace has specific user licenses, whereas Smart IT is licensed via standard BMC Remedy ITSM user licenses.

 Can I customize BMC Digital Workplace?

You have a number of options to change the terminology, to rebrand BMC Digital Workplace, and to customize icons. For details, see:

 I know you can set up pins on maps to signify assets such as printers. Is there a way to visually show on the same map that a specific printer is down?

You can, as an administrator, manually update the status of any asset. "Down" printers are shown as red icons, for example, instead of green. Future releases will automatically update status icons of assets on maps.

 BMC Digital Workplace sounds useful for many problems, but what if my problem is that I'm locked out of my own network? How will BMC Digital Workplace help me then?
 When I load my Request Timeline, I only see open requests. All of my other requests with status of cancelled or closed are not displayed.

This is by design. Only requests with Open status are displayed on the Request Timeline.  If a request has been set to cancel or closed, they are removed from the Requests view. To view additional requests, click the filter icon and select additional status values.

 Are email conversations between support staff and the end user supposed to be displayed in BMC Digital Workplace -> My Activity -> Requests history?

The email conversation between support staff and an end user is not stored in the BMC Digital Workplace activity feed history. These conversations are stored only in fulfillment records such as incidents and work orders. 

 If you turn off location service on a client device, does it affect the functionality of anything else?

  Turning off location service affects the positioning on any of the relevant screens (your locations, nearest locations, and their distance).

 What languages does BMC Digital Workplace support?

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For information about which clients and consoles are localized, see Supported languages and locales. For more information about localizing content in BMC Digital Workplace, see the Localizing titles and messages.
 Does BMC Digital Workplace replace BMC Service Request Management?

No, BMC Digital Workplace does not replace BMC Service Request Management. Instead, it adds value to the solution. BMC Service Request Management comprises a service catalog to publish services, a workflow engine to process requests, and a self-service portal to request services. BMC Digital Workplace replaces the current self-service portal, which customers can still access if they choose to.If you use BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, instead of fulfilling service requests directly through BMC Service Request Management, you can fulfill service requests through BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflow. This workflow calls BMC Service Request Management activities.

 If an asset is created in BMC Digital Workplace on a device, is it pushed to BMC Atrium CMDB?

No, it is not. As explained in Adding assets, BMC Digital Workplace is not integrated to update BMC Atrium CMDB.

 Can we run BMC Digital Workplace and BMC Service Request Management simultaneously? All of our users need access to the same base SRDs, but I want one group of users to use BMC SRM while the other group uses BMC Digital Workplace. Is this okay?

One set of users can use BMC Digital Workplace, and another set can use BMC Service Request Management, which is comprised of a service catalog to publish services, a workflow engine to process requests, and a self-service portal to request services. You can configure BMC Digital Workplace to use the same service request definitions (SRDs).

As of today, your users can use the BMC Service Request Management self-service portal and BMC Digital Workplace. However, you can replace the self-service portal with BMC Digital Workplace.

 For a person to have access to BMC Digital Workplace, do they need only a valid People record with a Read license?

Anyone accessing BMC Digital Workplace requires a People profile with a minimum of a Read license and a Remedy Login ID.

 If a support staff member is logged onto BMC Remedy Incident Management with a floating license and also logged onto BMC Digital Workplace to submit a request on behalf of a customer, is the staff member using one or two floating licenses?

One. Only BMC Remedy Incident Management uses the floating license. BMC Digital Workplace does not have floating licenses.

 Does BMC Digital Workplace support Lotus Notes?

No, BMC Digital Workplace supports Microsoft Exchange only.

 Does BMC Digital Workplace check for licenses?

No, BMC Digital Workplace does not check for licenses. However, you can run a report to review usage, as described in Reviewing active users.

 Are integrations retained during an upgrade?
 Does the BMC Digital Workplace installer have a bundled JRE?
No. Installing a bundled JRE is a prerequisite that you must fulfill before installing BMC Digital Workplace. For more information, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace.

 Is BMC Digital Workplace multitenant capable?

BMC Digital Workplace is multitenant capable. The application code and the data that powers the application are shared between tenant instances. However, all customer data is stored separately for each tenant.

Frequently asked questions about BMC Digital Workplace  Cloud and BMC Remedy OnDemand

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BMC Digital Workplace used in BMC Remedy OnDemand environments.

 Will BMC Digital Workplace Cloud run on BMC Remedy OnDemand servers or on different servers?

BMC Digital Workplace will run on servers different from your BMC Remedy OnDemand servers.

 If the servers are different, will BMC Digital Workplace Cloud run in the same data centers as our current BMC Remedy OnDemand environments?


 If the servers are different, is data exchange between BMC Digital Workplace Cloud and BMC Remedy OnDemand encrypted?

Yes. The BMC Remedy AR System API is always automatically encrypted.

 Our users access BMC Remedy OnDemand through onbmc.com. Will BMC Digital Workplace Cloud be accessed through the same URL, or do they need to use a new URL?

You will use a different URL.

 For Support Staff people submitting requests through BMC Digital Workplace Cloud, can they be logged on to BMC Digital Workplace Cloud and BMC Remedy OnDemand simultaneously?

Yes, users can be logged on to both at the same time.

 Our BMC Remedy OnDemand authentication uses SAML and Active Directory Federated Services (AD FS). Our domain-authenticated users never need to supply a password to log on. Can we provision BMC Digital Workplace Cloud in the same way?

If it works using BMC Remedy Single Sign-On with BMC Remedy Mid Tier, it will also work with BMC Digital Workplace. BMC does not do anything special beyond how it works with BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

 How is our BMC Digital Workplace Cloud environment sized to ensure sufficient capacity?

It is a shared cluster sized for many customers. No specific provisioning of resources is required per customer. The environment is monitored and sized for growth.

Frequently asked questions about BMC AppZone deprecation

 I implemented BMC AppZone in a previous version of BMC Digital Workplace. Can I continue to use it with BMC Digital Workplace 18.02 or later?
No, BMC AppZone is no longer supported for BMC Digital Workplace, starting with version 18.02.
 What options do I have to replace BMC AppZone?

You can replace BMC AppZone with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The following table provides a feature comparison. You can choose to implement BMC Digital Workplace Catalog in your BMC Digital Workplace environment, or subscribe to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Cloud.

FeatureBMC AppZoneBMC Digital Workplace Catalog

Banner Management


Banner Entitlement


Banner Scheduling


Rich Profile




Category Management


Recommended Applications from iTunes or Google Play


Optional versus Mandatory items


Service Template Management




Service Costing


Supplier Management


Frequently asked questions about Support tab deprecation

 I had implemented the Support tab in a previous version of MyIT. Can I continue to use it with MyIT 3.3 or later versions?

Yes, you can continue to use the Support tab, only if you enabled and configured it prior to the upgrade. If you disable the Support tab before upgrading to MyIT 3.3, there will be no way to enable or configure it again.

Versions subsequent to MyIT 3.3 will not support the Support tab in any way.

 I performed a fresh installation of BMC Digital Workplace 3.3.02. Can I implement the Support tab?

No, if you installed BMC Digital Workplace 3.3.02 for the first time, you cannot implement the Support tab. BMC highly recommends that you evaluate the broad capabilities and options provided by the Catalog and start providing these enhanced features to your end users.

 How is the Catalog better than the Support tab?

The Catalog provides the additional capabilities not found on the Support tab:

  • Sections to promote top-requested items or content that needs to be more visible
  • Sections to include items from entire categories or a custom range of selected items
  • Detailed discovery through standard, tree-based lists for categories
  • Data collected from various sources, such as Service Request Definitions from BMC Service Request Management; knowledge articles from BMC Knowledge Management; HR requests, how-to items and quick links from BMC HR Case Management, and other sources
  • With BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, you can manage an enriched catalog in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The enriched catalog provides additional capabilities, such as promotional banners, rich media in catalog profiles, and shopping cart.

In addition, the Catalog is easily configurable. An administrator can set up the sections in Catalog and configure their look and feel. For more information, see Setting up sections in the Catalog. 

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