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Enabling room reservations

As aBMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can allow end users to reserve assets, such as conference rooms or guest rooms. 

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Scenarios for reserving rooms

The following scenarios describe the need for reserving a room:

  • Pete wants to reserve a conference room in the Houston office for a training session with 20 customers. He wants a room with a white board and a projector. In BMC Digital Workplace on his tablet, he clicks on the Reservations calendar icon, and searches for a conference room for the date and location with a white board, a projector, and a capacity of 20 people. Finding a room on the first floor, he reserves the room. 
  • Pete's company provides a free massage benefit to its employees. To have a 30-minutes massage,  Pete needs to book a massage room that is available on the first floor of the office. In the BMC Digital Workplace, he opens the Locations tab, and selects his office location. On the floor map, he selects the massage room, selects an available slot of of time, and reserves the massage.

To configure room assets for reservation

Perform the following steps to configure room assets to be allowed for reservation: 

1System administratorConfigure the mailbox serverTo configure mailbox server

BMC Digital Workplace administrator

Create, configure, and add assets to the floor maps.Add assets to floor maps.
3Enable the Exchange pluggable provider.Making configuration changes to integrated applications.
4Allow reservation for room assetsTo allow reservation for room assets

To configure mailbox server 

As a system administrator, perform the following steps:

  1. Set up the Microsoft Exchange server. See  Microsoft Exchange Server  online documentation for details about how to set up the mailbox server. 
  2. Create email accounts to be used for rooms reservations. For more details about how to do create room mailboxes, see  Create and manage room mailboxes on the Microsoft Exchange server  in Microsoft online documentation. 
  3. (Recommended) For each room mailbox, create regular events for the non-working hours, so that users will not be able to book a room at the non-working time.

To allow reservations for assets

You can allow reservation of assets by asset types.

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin, go to  Location Management > Assets > Types library.
  2. For each asset type that you want to be available for reservation, specify the following details:
    • A valid email address provided to you by the system administrator,  so that it can be reserved on the Microsoft Exchange server.  
    • Select the applicable Asset Attributes, including the capacity for the room so that users find assets that match their search criteria.
    • For rooms, select the appropriate Custom fields so that users can enter the criteria for searches.

  3. Enable Allow reservations and Allow checkins.

When you are done configuring rooms for reservation, end users can perform the following actions:

  • Search for the assets available for reservations on their Locations page:

  • Find the room assets on a floor map:  
  • View the room asset profile:
  • Choose the available time slot for reservation:

    When the end user reserves a room, the appropriate notification is sent to the My Activity feed, and an email notification is sent to the end user. The event is automatically created in the user's mailbox calendar.
    To decline the reservation, end users need to decline the event in their mailbox calendar. 
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  1. Ricky R

    hi BMC,

    I tried to create new Location , new floor map then add new asset in the floor map which is type is Break room/conference room. but whenever i tried to do the reservation in MyIT and choose the new location which i created. i couldn't found any available resources of the location. *i already make sure the asset type field "allow reservation" checked then tried to relogin the MyIT but still no rooms is available.

    Please help me what steps i missed to configure the new room for reservation.

    Regards, Ricky

    Oct 02, 2019 09:22
    1. Ravee Panjwani

      Thanks for your comment, Ricky.

      We made a few updates to the content on this page in a more recent version available here → Enabling room reservations.

      Please let me know if the additional details help resolve the issue are facing.


      Oct 02, 2019 02:27
  2. Ricky R

    Hi Ravee,

    The issue solved within BMC support help.

    The other question is in the last statement, 'The event is automatically created in the user's mailbox calendar'.. is it only sending to the requester mailbox ? i think it will send to the room's email calendar as well? please correct me if i wrong. and does this function automatically show room's calendar in outlook that the room has been booked for the particular time (public to the other user) not only in the user's mailbox calendar (private)?

    Regards, Ricky

    Nov 07, 2019 12:57
    1. Lisa Greene

      Hello Ricky,

      Ravee has been out of the office, so I am looking into an answer to your question. Thank you for your patience. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

      Lisa Greene

      Dec 03, 2019 09:20
    1. Lisa Greene

      Hello Ricky,

      Yes, you are correct. The event is created in the user's mailbox and the room's calendar.


      Dec 06, 2019 09:02
  3. Mohamed Mounir

    Hi Ravee, Is there is a way to integrate DWP location with Microsft Outlook so that the end-user can see the meeting room reservation in Microsft Outlook As well?

    Regards, Mohamed Mounir

    Nov 27, 2019 01:13
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Mohamed!

      Yes, you can integrate DWP location with Microsft Outlook. To this, the following conditions must be met:

      .1 Exchange pluggable provider should be configured and enabled in DWP Admin Console -> Configuration -> Enable Features -> Providers

      2. Location with floor map should be created in DWP Admin Console -> Location Management

      3. Assets with valid BMC email address should be created and added on the floor map in DWP Admin Console -> Location Management -> Floor Map -> Edit Floor Map

      4. Allow reservations should be checked for corresponding asset types in DWP Admin Console -> Location Management -> Assets -> Types Library.

      Nov 27, 2019 04:28