This version of the documentation supports the 3.3 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced. Click here to view the documentation for the current version.


MyIT Service Broker 3.3 introduces a new workflow designer built on the Process Designer released with Innovation Suite. Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create workflows that send actions and to fulfill service requests through connected systems, like BMC's Remedy, Client Management, and Atrium Orchestrator, Flexera App Portal, Amazon Web Services, and other connected service providers.

Review the following topics to learn the concepts for designing workflows.


Design workflows that can be shared between different service items. Use input variables and related questionnaire forms to work with data dynamically.

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  1. Brijesh Patel

    Where can we get information on each of the palette items, what they do and how to use them?

    E.g. User Message, Service Broker, Records, Expressions, and other connectors. There's really no explanation on any of these and we're left to trial by error.

    Mar 05, 2017 05:53
  2. Tony Chung

    Hi Brijesh Patel. The process designer exposes some elements and features that can only be used in the context of our new Innovation Suite development environment. For reference, see: Process designer elements.

    This content is being revised in the context of the feature availability to MyIT Service Broker.For instance, User Message and Records do not have any effect. However, the Service Broker palette elements are described in workflows: See Workflow to request approval and Setting the service request status. The Build Expression element is new and its usage shall be demonstrated shortly.


    Mar 06, 2017 12:40