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Waiting for a response

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You can design a MyIT Service Broker workflow wait for a response to an activity sent to an external system that sis configured to send a response. This topic describes how to create the workflow to wait for a response to an activity that creates a work order in BMC Service Request Management.

Suspend a process with the Receive Task element 

In the preceding image, a Receive Task element is inserted after an action that creates a work order in BMC Service Request Management. The Receive Task element suspends the workflow until the the external system sends a response back to MyIT Service Broker. The Receive Task element waits for the response in the form of a Signal Parameter.

The external system must be configured to return a message packaged in the same name as the Signal Parameter expected by the Receive Task.

Enabling a workflow to wait for a response

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Relating external system responses to service requests

The Process Correlation ID is a text string that MyIT Service Broker uses to associate transactions in an external system, like BMC Remedy IT Service Management, with its originating service request. When the keyword $PROCESSCORRELATIONID$ is included in an action that supports it, for example, Create Remedy Work Order, MyIT Service Broker creates a record using the form SB:ServiceRequestStub in the external system.

The external system can be configured to send a response back through the associated SB:ServiceRequestStub record can be used to send a message back to the MyIT Service Broker workflow, and release the Receive Task.

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