This version of the documentation supports the 3.3 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced. Click here to view the documentation for the current version.

Passing information to an activity

Most workflow activities pass data to an external system in order to process fulfillment. Activities expose the required and optional input fields to the process workflow.

As an administrator, you could choose to manually enter data into the activity's input fields. However, you can also create process inputs to capture user request data at the time of the request.

Creating process inputs

Process inputs are fields exposed by a workflow for attaching to the questions form of a service. Within the workflow, the process inputs are mapped to the input parameters of one or more workflow activities. The most common use for process inputs is to pass string values into workflow activities.

When a MyIT user requests the service, the information the user enters into the questionnaire is sent to the workflow, and in turn, the activity inputs which were mapped.

Mapping the response from another object

Activities should return a response from the external system to inform the status of the activity. The response from one activity can be mapped to the input parameter of another.

Using the service broker context

A special process input, called the service broker context, provides meaningful data about the service at the time of a user request. The service broker context input type is an object that contains several string properties.

See Capturing user request information for information about the service broker context object.

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