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BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.3

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MyIT Service Broker 3.3.00 enables enterprise IT administrators to aggregate and manage multiple service catalogs to offer all types of services through a single consumer-like app store experience. When users receive routine support through self-service, your business saves time, improves efficiency and productivity, and reduces costs associated with supporting unauthorized IT services.

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Release notes and notices
updated 14 Jun

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May 30, 20173.3.02: Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 provides the following enhancements:

  • Option to install only the BMC Digital Workplace Basic features.
  • Hybrid deployment of BMC Digital Workplace Cloud with BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) and Smart IT on premises
  • Satisfaction surveys in BMC Digital Workplace
  • Multiword search for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
  • Information about the REST API for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
  • Other enhancements
    • Support for the Microsoft Edge browser
    • Minimum supported version of BMC Remedy ITSM
    • Digital Workplace Data Transfer tool
    • Rebranding Tool for rebranding the BMC Digital Workplace Universal Client
    • iOS re-signing and rebranding utility for BMC Digital Workplace and Smart IT
March 15, 2017 Patch 1 for version 3.3.00

Patch 1 for MyIT Service Broker 3.3.00 on-premises and on-demand released.

December 16, 2016

3.3.00 enhancements


MyIT Service Broker 3.3 on-premises released.

December 9, 20163.3.00 enhancements

MyIT Service Broker 3.3 on-demand released.


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3.3.00 enhancements



Deployment, system requirements, client and server specifications.



Information about obtaining and installing the MyIT Service Broker on-premises, and additional configuration and integration.



Information about upgrading from a previous release, who to contact about migrating data from earlier releases.



Entitling users to services through virtual marketplaces, reporting.



Service catalogs, service templates, workflows & questions, user roles and permissions.



Service connector development discussion and links to resources.



Integration through service connectors, importing services and categories.
Frequently asked questions


This topic provides information that supplements the MyIT Service Broker 3.3 documentation.
 What is MyIT Service Broker all about?

MyIT Service Broker is a web-based app for administering a next-generation service catalog. You can learn more about the solution in 3.3.00 enhancements.

 Is MyIT still required?

MyIT Service Broker is a provider of aggregated service catalogs to MyIT. End users request services through the familiar MyIT interface, and behind the scenes, MyIT Service Broker orchestrates the fulfillment of the request.

 Does MyIT Service Broker replace BMC Service Request Management?

MyIT Service Broker does not replace BMC Service Request Management. However, when integrating with MyIT, administrators can choose whether to fulfill MyIT service requests through BMC Service Request Management directly, or through a MyIT Service Broker workflow that calls BMC Service Request Management activities.

 Is MyIT Service Broker multitenant capable?

MyIT Service Broker is multitenant capable. The app code and the data that powers the app are shared between tenant instances. However, all customer data is stored separately for each tenant.

 How do I get started with MyIT Service Broker?

MyIT Service Broker is available as an OnDemand application. Contact your BMC account representative to discuss how our solution could work fpr your organization.



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