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End to end example of waiting for a Remedy ITSM response

MyIT Service Broker workflows fulfill service requests by sending instructions to external systems through the service connector actions. When an action sends an instruction, the workflow can wait for a response from the external system.

Before you can employ this mechanism, you must configure the external system to respond to service broker requests and return a string that could be used to direct the workflow.

Related topics

The following tutorial (14:18) demonstrates how to implement a workflow in MyIT Service Broker 3.1 that creates a workflow in BMC Service Request Management. When the work order is marked Completed, a filter that was configured using BMC Developer Studio sends a response back to MyIT Service Broker. The response is captured in a Signal Parameter named Work Status for use later in the workflow.

In addition to demonstrating the filter configuration, this video shows the design of a MyIT Service Broker workflow that creates a work order, and inserts a Receive Task element to wait for the response from BMC Service Request Management before completing the process.

The tutorial portion is about 10 minutes long. The goal is to help you to understand how MyIT Service Broker communicates with BMC Remedy IT Service Management, so that you can use a similar process to meet your specific needs.

For details on configuring the filter to return a response to MyIT Service Broker, see Configuring a system to return a response.

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