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The following topics provide information and workarounds for problems that you might encounter.

Troubleshooting the configuration

Contains topics that provide information related to troubleshooting problems during configuration.

Working with logsLists the log files associated with BMC Decision Support for Server Automation.
Agent log errorsLists errors that you might encounter when working with agent logs, along with suggested solutions to those errors.
Portal access errors

Contains topics that provide information about troubleshooting issues related to the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation portal logon process.

ETL run issuesContains topics that provide information about troubleshooting the extract, transform, and load (ETL) run issues.
Reporting issues

Provides information about issues that you might encounter when working with reports.

Archival job fails on OracleLists the error that you might encounter when running the archival job on Oracle.
Unusable indexes in the reports data warehouseLists the workaround that you can follow when product performance is impacted by the unusable indexes in the reports data warehouse.
Support informationContains information about how to contact Customer Support and the support status for this and other releases.


Do not modify the following internal files. Some files are internal to the system and it is important to not modify their contents.

  • auth-provider-config.properties
  • files related to updating cognos (update_cognos)
  • files related to process permissions

If you have any questions about modifying a file, consult BMC Customer Support.

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