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Setting up BMC Server Automation jobs for data collection in reports

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation reports are generated from data that is derived from the BMC Server Automation database.

Data is collected, in part, using several BMC Server Automation jobs. To ensure that the data is available to transfer from the BMC Server Automation database to the reports data warehouse, you must import any job-related templates and scripts and then set up the BMC Server Automation jobs that gather data for the reports you want to use.

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation uses extract, transform, and load (ETL) to transfer data from the BMC Server Automation database to the reports data warehouse. You can run ETL from the command line or as a BMC Server Automation Network Shell Script Job. BMC Decision Support for Server Automation provides several scripts to execute the ETL process. You can view the ETL status by using the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Console.

Some reports are based on jobs that run in BMC Server Automation, while some reports use data collected in other ways. The following topics explain how information is gathered for reports and provides details about setting up BMC Server Automation jobs when applicable:

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