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Scheduling the report to save the output to the file location

This topic describes how to schedule a report to save the output to a specified file location.


To save a copy of any report output in another file location see Saving the Report Outputs to a File location.

To schedule the report to save the output to a file location

  1. Access the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation portal.
  2. Click the More option that corresponds to the report for which you want to save the output.
  3. Under Available Actions, click New schedule.
  4. Under Frequency, you can set the required scheduling interval in days, weeks, months, or set the schedule to be trigger based. Select the frequency as required.
    The following figure illustrates the options needed for saving the report output every weekday.
  5. To specify the period for which you want the output saved, use the Start and End fields.
    The following figure illustrates July 9, 2010 as the start date with no end date.
  6. Under Options, select Override the default values to display the options and specify formats and delivery options.
    • Under Formats, select the required format for the report output.
      The following figure illustrates report output set to the CSV format.
    • Under Delivery, select Save to the file system. To specify more options when saving to the file system, click Edit the options.
    • For Name, select Use the report name and for Location, select the location name that you entered while specifying the output file location (in the example it was Archive).
  7. Click OK.
    The following figure illustrates the report output location as Archive.
  8. Under Prompt values, select Override the default values and then click Set to display the prompts that are associated with the report.
  9. Set the prompt values that you want to use when the report runs and click OK.

The report runs at the scheduled frequency or the scheduled trigger and the report output is saved to the specified location.

The following figure shows a sample report output:

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