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Running the installer in silent mode

You launch the silent installation from the command line and are not prompted for input.

Before you begin

You must have created the necessary options.txt file for the product.

To run the installation program in silent mode

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the installation program.
  2. From the command line, run the following command.
    When you specify the options.txt file name, specify the full path to the file; do not specify a path that is relative to the installation program.

    • (Microsoft Windows) setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=c:\path\to\options.txt
      If the path contains spaces, enclose the path in quotation marks ("").
    • (UNIX) ./setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=/path/to/options.txt

Where to go from here

Configuring after installation

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