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Navigating the portal

When you first log on to the product, it opens the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation portal, which is the access point to all areas in BMC Decision Support for Server Automation.

The user interface for BMC Decision Support for Server Automation consists of different areas for performing different types of functions, as follows:

  • The reports portal (also called Cognos Connection): Store, view, share, and administer reports.

  • Query Studio: View report data and create or modify ad hoc reports .

  • Report Studio: Edit built-in reports , create complex reports, or modify report templates.


    To use Report Studio, you must purchase a license for it and then enable it using the instructions that you are given when you purchase the license.

The BMC Decision Support for Server Automation portal is a tabbed browser window. The tabs store pages of content for quick access to that content.

The user interface includes two tabs: Public Folders and My Folders.

The Public Folders tab stores reports and report templates for access to many users. This tab includes the following folders:

  • BladeLogic: Contains built-in (also called out-of-the-box) reports that are arranged in a hierarchical tree structure
  • BladeLogic KPI: Contains built-in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports
  • Templates: Contains the Query Tables Library, which contains all built-in report prompts
  • KPI Templates: Contains the Query Tables Library, which contains all KPI report prompts

You can use the My Folders tab to store reports for your personal use. You can add more tabs to create a workspace that allows you to organize content of interest to you and gives you easy access to that content. For more information about general tasks in the user interface and how to personalize your workspace, refer to the following documentation (IBM Cognos documentation is available from the Help menu; for instructions about accessing it, see Cognos documentation).

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Creating reports

Creating reports

Working with reports

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Viewing built-in reports

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Viewing built-in reports

Viewing the extract, transform, and load (ETL) status

Viewing the ETL status

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