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Managing access

This topic describes the BMC Server Automation role-based access control (RBAC) system and how it controls access for BMC Decision Support for Server Automation. BMC Server Automation provides a unified and flexible system of access control across its products. This system of access control enables you to control the data you can see in a report, the actions you can take on a report, and the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation features that you can access. 

Users with roles that include the Reports.Viewer authorization can view and execute reports. Users with roles that do not have this authorization can view reports, but not execute them (for more information, see Roles and access to functions and features). System administrators control access to data in reports by using RBAC in BMC Server Automation and control access to report definitions  from within the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation user interface.

The following topics provide more information about roles and related access to reports:

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