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BMC Server Automation is a comprehensive system for the initial provisioning and ongoing automated management of data center servers. Using this system, administrators can provision and configure servers by deploying operating systems, applications, files, and configuration information. BMC Server Automation lets administrators manage servers with a consistent user experience, regardless of whether the servers are physical or virtual.

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation applies rich data warehouse schema and dimensional modeling principles to access and report on data that is captured by BMC Server Automation and stored in the reporting data warehouse. For information about the built-in reports available in BMC Decision Support for Server Automation, see Viewing built-in reports. 

You integrate BMC Decision Support for Server Automation with BMC Server Automation by providing the BMC Server Automation database connection and ETL database configuration details while configuring BMC Decision Support for Server Automation. For more information about these details, see Configuring the product by using the console. 

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation provides a centralized reporting capability (also known as multisite support) for BMC Server Automation users who deploy multiple BMC Server Automation sites. You can view data for multiple BMC Server Automation sites, depending on the roles assigned to you. For centralized reporting across multiple BMC Server Automation sites, you must add these sites. For more information, see Adding sites.


BMC recommends that you do not access the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation database schema directly for any third-party integration because the database schema continues to change for various reasons. Instead, use the Cognos reporting infrastructure to extract data from the warehouse database for the integration. BMC does not guarantee that an integration that accesses the database schema directly will work in the future releases of the product. 

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