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Creating reports with Query Studio


BMC recommends that you create reports with the Preview with No data option. After previewing the report, apply the required filters and run the report with full data to get optimal performance.

  1. Launch Query Studio from the 
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  2. Select a package (for example, BladeLogic) from the list of available packages.

    The following figure shows the report creation window with the default report template in the right panel and the domain folders in the left panel, based on the selected BladeLogic package. These domain folders contain query subjects and query subjects contain query items. You can use the query items to create reports.
  3. Click the Run Report link.
  4. Click the Preview with No Data link.
  5. Click the Insert Data link.
  6. To add a query item to the report, drag the query item from the corresponding domain folder onto the report template or double-click the query item.
  7. Apply filters based on your requirements. For information about filtering, see Query Studio.
  8. Click the Run Report link.
  9. Click the Run with All Data link.
  10. Save the report.

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