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Configuring the online Help

BMC Decision Support for Server Automation provides direct links to context-sensitive Help for many GUI elements in the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Console. Context-sensitive Help is available in offline and online modes. Online Help provides access to the latest documentation available on the online documentation portal. Offline Help is static, local copy of the online Help. Offline Help is shipped with the product and is available for the environments where Internet is not available. 

By default, offline Help is enabled for the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Console. BMC recommends that you access the online documentation portal for the latest documentation while configuring the product.

After you configure the product once, you can configure the online Help through the Other Details page. 

To configure the online Help

  1. In the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Console, access the Configuration menu and select Other Details.
  2. Navigate to the Reports Server Details section.
  3. In the Help Mode row, click the Modify option.
  4. Select the Online option.
  5. Click the Save icon .
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