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Built-in Health Dashboard

The Health Dashboard report offers a single interface that gathers information about the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation configuration settings and assesses their health.

The dashboard report displays the following configuration settings:

  • BMC Decision Support for Server Automation version
  • Database platform, type, and version
  • Database size
  • Tablespace free space
  • ETL status
  • Average, maximum, and minimum ETL run time

The following figure shows the dashboard report with sample values:

Before you begin using the Health Dashboard report

If the database server is running on Oracle, before you upgrade to version 8.6, ensure that the data warehouse user has been granted the following permissions:

  • GRANT SELECT ON dba_data_files TO datawarehouseUser
  • GRANT SELECT ON  dba_free_space TO datawarehouseUser

If these permissions have not been granted before upgrade, you need to compile the V_DB_SIZE view and then run the dashboard report.

If the database server is running on SQL Server, the data warehouse user must be granted the following permission:


To execute the Health Dashboard report

Use this procedure if you want to run the Health Dashboard report immediately.

  1. Log on to the BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation portal as a user with privileges to run reports. 
  2. In Public Folders, navigate to the Dashboard (BSA Value Dashboard in versions earlier than 8.6 SP1) folder.
    That folder contains a report named Health Dashboard.
  3. On the row for the Health Dashboard report, under the Actions column, click the Run icon .
    A windows providing options opens. 
  4. Choose the following options:
    • Format – Select HTML.
    • Language – A language is selected by default.
    • Delivery – Select Save the report.
    • Prompt Values – Deselect Prompt for values.
  5. Click Run.
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