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BMC Server Automation requirements

The following BMC Server Automation requirements must be met for a BMC Decision Support for Server Automation installation:

  • You must have an instance of BMC Server Automation installed on a separate server than BMC Decision Support for Server Automation and a corresponding database set up to work with BMC Server Automation.

  • The version and service pack of BMC Decision Support for Server Automation that is used in your environment must be the same or later than the version and service pack of BMC Server Automation that you are using. For example, if you are using BMC Server Automation version 8.5 SP1, you must also be using BMC Decision Support for Server Automation version 8.5 SP1 or later.

  • Database passwords cannot begin with the equal sign (=) character.
  • Database names cannot begin with an integer.
  • Database names cannot contain spaces.

Supported versions of BMC Server Automation

Version 8.6.00 of BMC Decision Support for Server Automation supports the following versions of BMC Server Automation:

  • 8.6.00
  • 8.5.01,  8.5 Patch 1, 8.5.00
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