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The following table provides information about the administration tasks in BMC Decision Support for Server Automation.

Understand data transfer scenarios and property filesUnderstanding data transfer scenariosUnderstand the concept of data transfer scenarios and property files that are needed to run scenarios that are not provided in the default RunETL.properties file.
Run the extract, transfer, and load (ETL) processRunning ETL

Learn how to:

  • Run ETL immediately from the command line or schedule it by using BMC Server Automation jobs to transfer data from the BMC Server Automation database to the reports data warehouse
  • View ETL status on the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation console
  • View the log files for ETL runs
Change the password for the BDSAdmin user IDChanging the password for the BDSAdmin user IDLearn how to change the password for the BDSAdmin user ID that you created during the product installation.
Manage your databases

Managing databases

Learn how to manage sites and databases:

Manage the email serverModifying email server details

Learn how to modify your email server details, such as email server name and port number.

Manage the Apache Web ServerModifying Apache Web Server detailsLearn how to modify your Apache Web Server details, such as communication protocol and port number.
Manage the reports serverManaging the reports server

Learn how to:

  • Restart and stop the reports server
  • Manage the reports server communication
  • Maintain the temp directory
  • Specify the logging levels
Manage the Authentication ServiceManaging the Authentication ServiceLearn how to start, stop, and restart the Authentication Service.
Manage all servicesManaging all servicesLearn how to start, stop, and restart all services simultaneously.
Manage dataManaging data

Learn how to:

  • Update data model properties
  • Import and export report definition, package, and content
  • Manage reports data and user access
  • Archive and restore data


  • Many of the instructions in these topics require that the correct environment variables be set for the scripts to work. You can find the required environment variables in the Environment file in the product installation directory.
  • While performing administration tasks in the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Console, use the menu commands and breadcrumbs to navigate through the console and to open a previous page again. The Back button in the browser does not allow you to open the previous pages.
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