User roles

This topic provides an overview of user roles and how they interact with the product. It details how the user roles align with the roles and groups defined in the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation product.

The following table describes typical user roles, tasks performed by users in those roles, and how the roles map to the product roles and groups.

User roles and their mappings to product roles and groups


The groups and roles mentioned in the Maps to product role and group column in the following table are not applicable for 8.9.02,,, and versions of the product. They are applicable for versions,, and for versions earlier than 8.9.02.



Maps to product role and group

Systems manager or automation engineer

  • Sets up databases
  • Installs, configures, and maintains the product including the following tasks
  • Involved with running ETL
  • Decision Support Administrator role
  • BDS-NA Administrators group

Application owner and report author

  • Involved with ETL scheduling
  • Creates custom (ad-hoc) reports
  • Generates and delivers reports to report viewers, such as auditors, managers, and directors
  • Decision Support Designer role
  • BDS-NA Designers group

Business analyst and report author

  • Creates custom (ad-hoc) reports
  • Generates reports and reviews them for data accuracy
  • Interacts with application owner and systems manager
  • Decision Support Author role
  • BDS-NA Authors group

Report viewers, such as auditor, manager, director

  • Views final reports
  • Might run reports
  • Decision Support Viewer role
  • BDS-NA Viewers

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