Purging the data warehouse

You set up data warehouse purging during the product installation. In the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation extract, transform, load (ETL) schedule configuration installation panel, you are asked to specify the period after which you want data purged from the warehouse. The purge value that you specify is set in a purge batch file. An associated purge task, called Purge_Warehouse, is set up in the Task Scheduler. By default, this task runs once a day at 00:00 hours.

The data that remains in the data warehouse after a warehouse purge is data for today minus the number of specified purge days.

For example, If you set a purge value of one year (365 days) and the data warehouse contains data for one year and one month, after the purge task executes, data is available in the warehouse for one year (starting today and going back one year) .

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