The following table provides information and guidelines related to integrating BMC Decision Support – Network Automation with other BMC products and solutions in your environment: 

GoalFor more informationBenefit
Execute use cases around viewing activity, compliance, and inventory reports.BMC Network AutomationAccess and report on data captured by BMC Network Automation and stored in the reporting BMC Decision Support – Network Automation data warehouse which, along with providing a wide range of built-in reports, also enables you to easily create your own custom reports.
Execute various use cases, such as operator-initiated change, Remedy Service Desk-initiated change, and closed-loop compliance.BMC Continuous Compliance for Network Automation
  • Operator-initiated change workflow: When network configuration changes are implemented, network engineers are required to document these changes in BMC Remedy Change Management. To automate the change tracking and documentation process, a network change request is automatically created in BMC Remedy Change Management when a network user submits a job that requires BMC Remedy approval. After the change request is approved in BMC Remedy, the change is scheduled for execution in BMC Network Automation.
  • BMC Remedy Service Desk-initiated change workflow: In the IT environment of most large enterprises, general change requests such as provisioning a new server are often initiated by the BMC Remedy Service Desk. The network group is required to make a network change to provision the server onto the network. When the Service Desk user submits a network change request through BMC Remedy, it appears in the BMC Network Automation BMC Remedy inbox where the network engineer can create a job to service the request.
  • Closed-loop compliance workflow: BMC Network Automation performs network compliance audits based on security, operational, and regulatory configuration standards. When a compliance violation is detected, BMC Network Automation can automatically open a network incident in BMC Remedy Incident Management and optionally relate a network change request within BMC Remedy Change Management to begin the remediation and tracking process.

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