Installing and configuring BMC Network Automation

BMC Network Automation must be installed and configured before installing BMC Decision Support – Network Automation. See BMC Network Automation requirements for additional requirements.

Complete the following BMC Network Automation configuration tasks. For instructions on installing and using BMC Network Automation, see the BMC Network Automation 8.9 documentation.

  • If you are using an Oracle database in your BMC Network Automation environment, make sure that the DBMS_LOB package is enabled and that execute permissions on the DBMS_LOB package are granted to the bcan database user.
  • If the BMC Network Automation system administrator password has not been changed from the default during installation, change it before you install BMC Decision Support – Network Automation. 
  • Ensure that the server on which you installed BMC Network Automation is accessible to all of the other servers in the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation deployment.
  • (Applicable only for versions 8.9.00, 8.9.01,, Users must be set up in BMC Network Automation and associated with the groups that need to be mapped to the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation groups. A user and role mapping process maps the BMC Network Automation groups to BMC Decision Support – Network Automation groups. For more information about user and groups mappings, see User roles.
  • (Applicable only for versions 8.9.02,,, By default, only the sysadmin user is created and has access to reports. If you want to grant access to any other user, you need to create the same user in BMC Network Automation, run ETL, and then create the user in BusinessObjects BI.
  • Refer to your BMC Network Automation setup and record the operational database parameter values (user name, database type, host name, port number, database name, and password) from the file located in the BCA-Networks-Data (BCAN_DATA) folder. Refer to the ConnectionUserName and ConnectionURL strings for all the parameters except password. For the password, contact the BMC Network Automation database administrator. You need these parameters when you run the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation installer. You can use the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation installation worksheet to record these values (see Installation worksheet).

You can install BMC Decision Support – Network Automation on the same computer as BMC Network Automation. However, BMC recommends that you install the two products on separate computers to improve performance.

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