Encrypting passwords for silent upgrades

Unless you encrypt it, the options.txt file contains passwords as clear text. The Maintenance Tool enables you to create an encrypted password that you can paste into the options.txt file.

To encrypt a password for a silent installation

  1. Start the Maintenance Tool utility.

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    You can run the Maintenance Tool in a graphical user interface or from the command line.

    To run the Maintenance Tool in a UI

    Navigate to the directory where product .zip is extracted. Go to utility folder, and run the ReportingAndAnalyticsMaintenanceTool.cmd file.

    To run the Maintenance Tool from the command line

    From the command line, navigate to the <path of directory where product .zip is extracted>\utility folder, and run ReportingAndAnalyticsMaintenanceTool.cmd with the -silent option.

    To learn about command-line options

    To learn about available command-line options, use the -help or -? option when you run the command.

    For example:

    ReportingAndAnalyticsMaintenanceTool.cmd -help

  2. Click the Encrypt tab.
  3. In the Password and Confirm Password boxes, type your password.
  4. Click Encrypt.
  5. Copy and paste the encrypted password into the options.txt file for your silent installer.
    For example, if you want to encrypt the password for the BMC Decision Support – Network Automation administrator and the output is DES\:b76c59dbc2e1433c7a9c2f006a2e2429116840dce695aea9, enter the following string:

    # -J ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD=DES\:b76c59dbc2e1433c7a9c2f006a2e2429116840dce695aea9


You can use the -encrypt option to encrypt a password through the command line. For example, enter the following from the <path of directory where product .zip is extracted>\utility folder :

ReportingAndAnalyticsMaintenanceTool.cmd -silent -encrypt -encrypt -password=<password> -confirm_password=<password>

For more information, see the command-line help for the Maintenance tool.

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