Device Status report

The Device Status report displays the device status for the top ten most accessed devices for the specified time period. This topic lists the prompts and columns available in the Device Status report.

Report prompts

You can use the following prompts to control the data that is included in this report:

  • Site Name
  • Device Category
  • Device Type
  • Dynamic Field
  • Realms
  • Time Period
  • Vendor

Report columns

It includes the following information.

  • Top 10 Most Accessed Devices includes the following:
    • Device address and name
    • Date of the last update
    • Number of accesses
  • Devices with Actions Failures includes the following:
    • Device address and name
    • Action name
    • Date of last attempt by the action
    • Date of last success by the action

The following figure shows a sample Device Status report:

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