Change Tracking Trend by Approval Type report

The Change Tracking Trend by Approval Type report shows the trends in configuration changes by job approval type for the specified time period. This topic lists the prompts and columns available in the Change Tracking Trend by Approval Type.

Report prompts

You can use the following prompts to control the data that is included in this report:

  • Site Name
  • Device Category
  • Device Type
  • Dynamic Field
  • Job Approval Type
  • Realms
  • Time Period
  • Vendor

Report columns

The report includes two tabs, which provide different views of the data: Job Approval Type and ITSM-vs-NON ITSM (IT service management).The Job Approval Type report provides the information in terms of the job approval type. The ITSM-vs-non-ITSM report provides the information in terms of whether the job approval type is ITSM or non-ITSM. Each tab shows the following information:

  • Time period
  • Number of changes
  • Job approval type

You can drill through from a job approval to the Change Tracking Summary by Approval Type report for more details. 
You can drill down and up in the time period (year, quarter, month, week, day, hour) for more details.


To use the report's drill down capabilities, you must select the Synchronize drill on report blocks option in Preferences > Web Intelligence.

The following figure shows a sample Change Tracking Trend by Approval Type report:

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