Service levels and support hours

Hours of service operation

The BMC SaaS Operations team provides operation and management of BMC Helix Control-M services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Service level availability

BMC Helix Control-M carries a 99.95% service availability commitment for production environments and 99.9% service availability commitment for non-production environments. For more information, see the BMC Helix Control-M Availability policy.

Technical support response targets and applicability


BMC global holidays are published at

In the following table, "local business hours" refers to the time zone applicable to the tenant system.

SeverityScheduleInitial response targetsCan be raised for
S1A (Helix Outage)

24 hours x 7 days
(even on published holidays)

30 minutesProduction tenant only
S1 (Critical)1 clock hour

S2 (High)

Local business hours (not on published holidays)

2 business hours

Production and non-production tenants (excluding Sandbox)

S3 (Medium)

4 business hours

Production and non-production tenants (excluding Sandbox)

S4 (Low)

12 business hours

Production, non-production, and Sandbox tenants

Service credits are not provided for missed response targets.


Customers will be updated on the status of any S1 issue every 30 minutes by BMC's support staff or their Business Relationship Manager, until the issue is resolved or downgraded.

Incident severity-level descriptions

Severity levelSeverity criteria
S1A (Helix Outage)

SaaS Only — Production instance Unavailable.

Remember to check the Status page for latest updates on active outages prior to opening a ticket.

S1 (Critical)

Critical Impact to production and non-production environment*, primary business service, large number of users experience critical loss of function or data integrity at risk.

Customer resources should be available to work on a 24x7 basis with BMC to resolve the issue.

S2 (High)

Significant impact to business service or system performance affecting production systems or normal operations for multiple groups of users.

S3 (Medium)

Limited impact to the business service, localized to specific service, application, or group of users. Workaround may be available to circumvent.

S4 (Low)No service impact — Non-critical issues or general questions.
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