End of Support for the Control-M for Azure Plug-in


March 2, 2022: BMC is alerting you to a change in support.

From Helix Control-M, BMC will no longer support the Control-M for Azure plug-in, and will no longer provide technical support, software updates, or security patches for this plug-in.

Older versions will continue to be supported until their end of life, for migration support purposes only. 

This change is in accordance with the BMC Software Product Support Policy.

We encourage all our customers to begin using the new and improved Integration plug-ins that we provide for a variety of Azure services. These plug-ins use enhanced authentication methods, based on Azure best practices (as opposed to the old plug-in, which offered limited authentication capabilities).

At this time, the new collection of Azure plug-ins includes the following plug-ins:

  • Control-M for Azure Batch Accounts
  • Control-M for Azure Data Factory
  • Control-M for Azure Databricks
  • Control-M for Azure Functions
  • Control-M for Azure HDInsight
  • Control-M for Azure Logic Apps
  • Control-M for Azure Synapse
  • Control-M for Azure Virtual Machine

For more information, see Helix Control-M Integrations Home.

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