Control-M Automation API CLI Upgrade Required for October Release

September 14, 2022: BMC is notifying you of the need to upgrade the Control-M Automation API CLI (ctm-cli) component before the upcoming release of Helix Control-M at the end of October 2022. A separate publication will announce exact release dates.

In the October release, all communication between Helix Control-M and the Control-M Automation API CLI will only use the Advanced Encryption Standard with Galois Counter Mode and a key length of 256 bits (AES-256 GCM).

This encryption protocol is supported by Automation API CLI versions 9.20.220 and later, which are already publicly available. If you have one of these versions, no further action is necessary.

The new protocol it is not supported by Automation API CLI versions earlier than 9.20.220. To enable Control-M Automation API CLI to continue to function after Helix Control-M is upgraded to the October 2022 release, perform the following steps.


  1. Verify the version of the installed CLI using the following API command:
    ctm version --trace
    The CLI version appears in the first line of the response. For example:
    debug:   defaultVersion : 9.20.115
  2. Do one of the following:
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