Business continuity and disaster recovery

Helix Control-M Continuity Priorities

BMC Helix Control-M is intended to enable customers to automate their most business-critical processes.  The priorities of our DR and BCP planning are:

  1. No loss of customer data
  2. Automatic recovery from availability zone (AZ) failures
  3. Recovery from corruption caused by a platform or application bug
  4. Recovery from customer (human) errors that generate data loss (for example, accidentally deleting folders or jobs)

Overview of DR approach

Helix Control-M is hosted in AWS data centers. Currently, the regions used are US West (Oregon) and EU West (Ireland). These regions have at least three availability zones, which are independent data centers. Helix Control-M components are replicated across all availability zones, providing an extremely high level of resiliency.

Our recovery objectives are:

Recovery point objective (RPO)No-gap
Recovery time objective (RTO)<15 minutes
Acceptable data lossZero

Data persistency

All data is continuously backed up to ensure we meet recovery objectives. Apart from synchronizing data across the AZs, additional sets of persisted data are maintained using a separate, dedicated account and encrypted.

Notification of unplanned failures

Type of failureExample impactNotification

Applicative - customer specific

  • Problems in job processing
  • Problems in the NewDay procedure
BMC Support will call the affected customer and walk them through recovery steps.
  • All users logged out, cannot monitor jobs
  • Unable to invoke APIs
Through the Helix Control-M trust page

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