Control-M versions 8.0.00, 9.0.00, 9.0.18, and 9.0.19 documentation is available in Help and PDF format. Older versions of Control-M are available in PDF only.

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View the latest release in one fully searchable and indexed format. Contains documentation of the latest application plug-ins (such as Hadoop), add-ons (such as Workload Change Manager and Workload Archiving) and all generic related modules like Administration, Installation, and more.

Control-M 9.0.19


Control-M 9.0.18

Control-M 9.0.18


Control-M 9.0.18

Control-M 9.0.00

Control-M 8.0.00



View the latest release of INCONTROL for z/OS documentation in one fully searchable and indexed format.



Control-M Automation API 

Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that give developers and DevOps engineers access to the capabilities of Control-M within the modern application release process.

Automation API


Automation API

Automation API 9.0.19

Automation API

Automation API

Automation API 9.0.18

Automation API 9.0.00


Control-M - Videos

View the Control-M Videos that explain the basics of Control-M, Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT), BMC Batch Impact Manager, Control-M Workload Change Manager, and Control-M Workload Archiving.

Control-M Webinars are now available on the BMC Control-M YouTube Channel while the Control-M self-help and introductory videos can be found on Control-M Docs.      

Release Notes - Quick Reference

Click here to view the latest  Release Notes .


PDFs - Latest Releases NEW

Click a tile to visit the version's PDF page. These pages contain all the guides related to the version such as User, Installation, Administration, Parameters, and more.

Note: The links below pertain to Control-M/EM versions.





PDFs in French

PDFs in German



Release Notes, Flashes, Technical Bulletins, and PDFs

For the complete list of Control-M product documentation, please refer to the A-Z list.


Control-M Main Components

Control-M Additional Components

Control-M Conversion

Control-M Application Plug-ins


Control-M Monitoring Tools


For third party license agreements, see  Third Party Software .


Control-M AMIGO Program

The BMC Assisted MIGration Operation is a program designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”. This program is offered to BMC customers currently subscribed to BMC Customer Support.

BMC will provide collateral containing upgrade best practices compiled by experts in BMC Support and R&D. You can leverage this information to create your upgrade plan. Upgrade experts in BMC Customer Support will review your plan and offer advice to help ensure your success.

The AMIGO program is available for the products listed below. The links have specific details for each of the listed products (requires a BMC Support Central login).

  • Control-M Distributed Systems Products – 000011573 - Requires Login
  • Control-M for z/OS Products – 000086666 - Requires Login 

View Full List

NOTE: The AMIGO Program provides help planning your upgrade. It does not provide expedited resolution for technical issues encountered during the upgrade process, nor is it a substitute for a Professional Services engagement.

If you desire assistance with the execution of your upgrade plan, please contact your BMC Account Manager for help engaging BMC Professional Services.

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