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BMC Helix Customer Service Management (CSM) is a next-generation end-to-end service management application suite focused on external customer service excellence – B2B, B2C, G2C.  The customer 360 profile aggregates data from various customer systems of record featuring insights on customer status, segmentation, preferences, language, products and services, activities, sales history, payment history, profitability, contracts, case history. In addition to Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), other metrics like Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Sentiment are also captured to provide more insights and strengthen customer loyalty. This key information supports the customer service agent during customer interactions.

Release notes and notices
updated 24 Mar

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March 24, 2023

BMC Helix Customer Service Management 22.1 is available.

This release provides the following features:

  • Enhanced Frontliner Console
  • Enhanced Approval Feature
  • Supplier Console
  • Supplier Recharge
  • Global Cases
  • CSM – ITSM - Ability for Customer Care to Escalate a case to IT/NOC in ITSM

Getting started with BMC Helix Customer Service Management


Get started with BMC Helix Customer Service Management. Depending on your role, understand what activities you can perform and how to navigate through your console. 



As an administrator, set up roles and permissions, create groups and domain codes, configure case templates and classifications, set SLAs and KPIs, auto-route case assignments, and perform more actions for your organization.

Navigating Frontliner Console


As a frontline agent, learn how to operate the Frontliner Console. Create new cases, collaborate with other teams, monitor your performance, view customer information, knowledge articles and progress of cases.

Navigating Resolver Console


As a resolver agent, learn how to operate the Resolver Console. Accept existing cases from the group pool, create cases, request for supervisor help, view the knowledge base, review your performance, collaborate with other teams and so on.

Navigating Supervisor Console


As a supervisor, learn how to operate the Supervisor Console. Create new cases, monitor critical and non-critical cases, grant approvals for case activities and knowledge articles, monitor agent performance and schedule necessary training sessions for agent and so on. 

The supervisor can also access agent and group performance dashboards to explore performance in greater detail using graphical formats.

Navigating Collaboration Console


As a collaborator, learn how to operate the Collaboration Console. View case and customer details to understand the case better and provide inputs using the comments section.

Navigating Service Quality Console


As a service quality agent, learn how to operate the Service Quality Console. View case and customer details, call the customer to gather and record customer feedback during the case journey, capture the customer sentiment by using case based surveys and request to collaborate with other groups. 

Navigating Customer 360 Console


All users can access the Customer 360 Console to get a complete view of a customer profile. Get in-depth details about the customer to their latest scores and information on all customer touchpoints likes sales and payment history, case history, interaction, additional contacts and so on. 

Creating cases


As an agent or a supervisor, know how to create a case by either fetching customer details or manually adding them, classifying the case and providing additional details. Also, learn how to resolve cases using the knowledge base. 

Modifying cases


As a resolver agent, learn how to modify cases using the Edit Case console. Modify and update the case journey by performing activities ; for example, resolve cases, initiate refunds, request for approvals, recategorize cases and so on. 

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