License Entitlements

The following table lists the Units of Measure (UOMs) for Control-M and Helix Control-M licensing:

Product NameAvailable UOMs

Control-M/Enterprise Manager

Tasks, Control-M/Server Endpoint, MIPS

Control-M Output Management

MIPS and Tasks

Control-M Mainframe Extension Pack

MIPS and Tasks

Control-M JCL Verify

MIPS and Tasks

Helix Control-M

Per Execution - SaaS

UOM Definitions

The following table explains the various UOMs:

Per Task

For all Control-M Products, except those that run exclusively in the Mainframe environment, a license is required for the maximum number of Tasks (as defined below) present in the Control-M “Active Jobs” databases in any 24-hour period, regardless of whether the Tasks execute or not.

For the Control- M Products that run exclusively in the Mainframe environment, a license is required for the maximum number of Tasks (as defined below) present in solely the Mainframe environment’s Control-M “Active Jobs” database.

Tasks in the Control-M “Active Jobs” databases include all Tasks in all Distributed Systems and/or Mainframe environments in any 24-hour period (including but not limited to development, staging, QA, pre-production, production, and test environments), except that,

(i) SMART folders/table and sub-folders/tables which contain scheduling definitions and are listed as tasks in the “Active Jobs” databases are not counted as Tasks,

(ii) Tasks that have time zone settings may remain in the “Active Jobs” databases for up to three consecutive days, but are only counted as one Task,

(iii) a Task that runs more than once during the day (with the same Order ID) is counted as one Task – this includes Tasks that are rerun and cyclic Tasks, and

(iv) Tasks that are provided for by licenses under alternative Units of Measurement (i.e. tier or MIPS) are not considered Tasks under this “per task” unit of measurement.

The number of steps or scripts executed within the named Task shall have no bearing upon the number of Tasks licensed. “Task” is interchangeable with “job” and means an executable command containing the name of the JCL, CL, DCL, ECL, script or dummy processes that is scheduled to execute, as well as the scheduling criteria, flow control, and resource usage.

Per Managed Asset – Control-M/Server Endpoint

LICENSE DEFINITION: A license is required for the maximum aggregate number of Server Endpoints monitored or managed (directly or indirectly) by the Product(s) in any 24-hour period for all Server Endpoints. For CONTROL-M priced add-on Products, a license is required for the same number of Server Endpoints licensed by CONTROL-M.  ​

 A “Server Endpoint” is any virtual or physical Computer (excluding OS/390 or zSeries Mainframes) that provides a service for other Computers connected to it via the Internet, extranet, intranet, or other networked technologies. 


A license is required for the total aggregate number of MIPS for each Computer, including all Computers coupled in a parallel Sysplex environment, upon which the Product is installed, managed or monitored. MIPS Rating is the aggregate computing power (expressed in millions of instructions per second) of a Computer, using the MIPS rating set forth in the then current Gartner Group Rating Guide. Computer-specific passwords will be issued for the Product.

Per Execution - SaaS

A subscription is required for the highest monthly average of jobs executed by the Control-M Subscription Services during a given quarter.  For clarity, a job is a scheduled command executed by the subscription services.  Further, a single job may be “executed” multiple times daily, whenever the Subscription Service initiates an executable command

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