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This topic lists the problems that were corrected in Control-M 9.0.20 Fix Pack 2 (version

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Control-M Automation APISee the complete list of corrected problems in Control-M Automation API.

In the connection between Control-M/Server and Agent, when no SSL connection is established, SSL_SYNC switches from Y to N. Users can disable this switch by setting the parameter NUMBER_OF_TRIES_BEFORE_SWITCHING_TO_OPPOSITE_CONNECTION_MODE to -1.

CTM-4597Control-M/ServerAgents with protocol version less than 10 cannot be configured using SSL protocol TLS 1.2. No

In Control-M/Server, the ctmcontb utility returns a non-zero (failure) code when attempting to add a condition that already exists.


In Control-M/Server, when using utilities on the active node in a High Availability environment and the shared directory is not available, an incorrect message is issued that the utility was executed on a non-active node.

CTM-5316Control-M/Server(Windows only) In Control-M/Server, a handle leak caused by the CE Process makes the operating system hang.No
CTM-5610Control-M/ServerControl-M/Server stops processing jobs when an unknown message is received in the listing ports of the CE.No
CTM-4530Control-M/ServerIn the ctmvar utility, the actions  -ACTION DELETE -POOL DELETE are not written into the ctmlog.No
CTM-5066Control-M/ServerThe Control-M/Server utility ctmkeystore_mng crashes when it is used to update a password and it is set to run with debug level 3 or above.No

The shctm utility fails to write logs for the various procedures in which it is involved (for example, shutting and starting Control-M/Server or invoking other utilities, such as ctm_menu or ctmipc). The issue occurs when the shctm utility attempts to create a log file with an incorrect path. On a Windows computer, an event is created in the Event Viewer, with the following description:

Unable to open log file C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M Server\CTM\Proclog\DIAG_NOT_INIT.log : No such file or directory


If a job is submitted to an Agent that is disabled, when the Agent becomes available again, the job is likely to fail, and the following error message appears in the log:

DISAPPEARED AT <time>. RUNCNT <number of times the job has attempted to run>. AGENT <agent name> IS DISABLED


In the Control-M/Server CE log, the following severe category (always appear) message is displayed, even though no real problem exists:

Notice that a condition was already deleted

CTM-5453Control-M/Server(Windows only) Installing or upgrading to fails if Control-M/Server is installed using an MS SQL Server database and its collation is set to case sensitive (CS).No
CTM-5291Control-M/ServerThe New Day procedure fails when Control-M/Server is installed with an Oracle database and there are more than a million jobs that need to be deleted during New Day cleanup.No
CTM-5282Control-M/ServerOver allocation of job order IDs occurs when the order is performed via the ctmudly utility.No
CTM-5341Control-M/ServerJobs are not ordered successfully when ordered via ctmudly and the Folder name contains an underscore character ("_").No

In a Control-M/Server installation that uses an Oracle database server, exclusive control resources are not released after the New Day procedure if they are associated with a job that has the following characteristics:

  • The job was defined with critical priority
  • The job did not start before the New Day procedure ran
  • The job was deleted during New Day cleanup
CTM-5267Control-M/ServerControl-M/Server migration import fails when CMR_CTLUSE_ORPHAN tables exist in the database.No
CTM-5962Control-M/Enterprise Manager

SLA Management (BIM) Services are missing from the Service Monitor and the following error appears in the bim_diag log:

<date> <time> ctm_bim_vp_keep_and_live CtmBim_VpKeepAndLive::KeepAlive(thread <id>) Caught a Thrift TException Exception - write() send(): errno = 10053. KeepAlive Thrift failed. rc=0 Session Id: ****

CTM-4687Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, if an Agent is defined by Role authorizations in Role Based Administration and not by User authorizations, the Agent Recycle button is always disabled.No
CTM-5885Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In the Control-M client, when many Rule Base Calendars are defined, the Planning domain can hang when navigating between jobs, and the Rule Based Calendar dropdown list in the Scheduling tab takes too long to load.

CTM-5834Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M client, when trying to run the data collector, the action fails because of a missing bmcperl folder.Yes
CTM-4626Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > Planning domain, a Site Standard rule for an In Condition is mistakenly applied to an Out Condition too.No
CTM-5807 and CTM-4108Control-M/Enterprise Manager(AIX only) The root_menu utility fails when using a PostgreSQL database server.No
CTM-5719Control-M/Enterprise ManagerLogin to the Control-M client using SSO does not work without an internet connection.No
CTM-5448Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In the GUI Server, when working with large Viewpoints, a memory leak can occur.

CTM-5580Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M/EM, when logging in to the Control-M client using SSO, a database leak occurs.

CTM-5501Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > Planning and Monitoring domains, in complex scenarios that contain many jobs with many conditions, the map layout looks disorganized.Yes
CTM-4689Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M client > Monitoring domain, if a job is executed in a non-windows environment, when the job output is saved, the resulting file contains unnecessary carriage returns at the end of each line of the exported file.Yes
CTM-5058Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M client > Monitoring domain, when a folder is ordered immediately after New Day, SMART folder jobs appear out of the folder.No
CTM-2692Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM > if the screen resolution is high, certain screens are blank.Yes
CTM-5085Control-M/Enterprise Manager

HTTP TRACE requests to Control-M/EM Server are now disabled.

CTM-5179Control-M SLA ManagementIn SLA Management does not issue alerts when a job runs too long or finishes too quickly when the service is not late.No
CTM-5269Control-M Workload Archiving

In the Control-M/EM > Workload Archiving, if the job's Order-Id is reused in a short period of time, the job does not archive and the following error message appears in the archive log: 

duplicate data will not be saved

CTM-5283Control-M Workload ArchivingIn CCM > the Workload Archive Server sends a false XAlert that memory is low.No
CTM-5090Control-M Workload ArchivingIn CCM > Workload Archiving with Oracle, when the database lookup table reaches 100,000 records, data collection stops.No
CTM-5491Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M/EM, if version 9.0.20 was installed with external Java configuration, upgrading to version fails and the following error message is displayed:

Failed to execute "Merge Archiving configuration file". sh: line 1: /home/dbauser/bmcjava-V1/bin/java: No such file or directory.

CTM-4645Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the emdef utility, Global Calendar does not sync when using either automatic sync or the sync_calendars command.No
CTM-3785Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In the emdef utility, when creating a new SMART folder using the deffolder command, the following error message appears:

Warning: Internal validation problem: <null>

CTM-1342Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the restore_host_config utility, -rehost completes successfully but the new host name is not displayed in the success message.No
CTM-5422Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M Client > News domain, the Control-M Blog and Discussions data are not updated with new entries.Yes
CTM-5178Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In environments with both distributed and mainframe Control-M datacenters, when centralized connection profiles are defined, the following error appears in Control-M z/OS:

Internal error art Application Server - CTW004E taskName : MBX INTERNAL ERROR ENCOUNTERED. FUNCTION: funcName RC= rc36

CTM-4616Control-M/Enterprise ManagerAttributes for SameSite cookies are incorrect.No
CTM-3262Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web and the Control-M client > Planning domain, when defining a Do action to Force job and selecting the local Server, variables cannot be defined.Yes
CTM-4065Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the defolder utility > when importing XML containing multiple folders, the import takes a long time.No
CTM-3488Control-M/Enterprise Manager(AIX only) In Control-M/EM, if the BMC_EM_PROFILE_NAME environment variable is defined when upgrading, the environment variable is lost.No
CTM-5688Control-M/AgentAfter upgrading Control-M/Agent to, when executing an Application Integrator or Database job with Capture from job output, if the job output is larger than 2K, the job ends NOTOK or variables from the job output are not created as expected.No
CTM-5349Control-M/AgentIn the Control-M client > Planning domain, Find and Update returns no results when searching for an OS400 Full job and trying to find a specific command pattern from the Multiple Commands object type (What to run).Yes
CTM-1774Control-M/AgentIf the Agent fails to read the plug-in configuration file, all accounts for that plug-in become unavailable and Control-M stops submitting jobs for that plug-in on that Agent. The accounts are only released from their unavailable status after data/av_status/<file>.unav files are deleted from the Agent's file system.No
CTM-4439Control-M/AgentThe Manage SSL scripts generated in CCM version 9.0.20 cannot run on an Agent below version 9.0.20.No

(Windows Only) In the Control-M client > Monitoring domain, the job status is not updated when there is an internal socket initialization problem in Control-M/Agent. The following message appears in the Agent log:

= ATW003:OS_COMM_sess_write: error=(10057)A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied.

=ATW003:OS_COMM_sess_write, write error: 10057 >>>

End dump active buffer

CTM-5325Control-M/AgentWhen running a remote host job on an agent and UPLOAD_REMOTE_UTILS is set to Y, a debug dump is created on the agent.No

In CCM, when the agentless parameter RJX_LIFE_CHK_INTERVAL for Control-M/Agent is set with a value greater than zero, a file with the prefix "UTIL-" is created on the remote host and is never deleted.

For more information, see Agentless Parameters.


(UNIX/Linux only) The Check execv utility, which enables you to check whether execv UNIX system calls work as expected, is now available in the Toolbox menu.

For more information, see Agent Analysis Tools - Input and Output.


The Extract XML from remote host log file utility is now available in the Toolbox menu. This utility enables you to generate XML from the remote host log file.

For more information, see Agent Analysis Tools - Input and Output.

CTM-5694Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Control-M Workload Archiving, the Server goes to 100% CPU when running the arc_diag script.No
CTM-5436Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M Web > Tools domain > Site Standards, when creating a rule that sets a job parameter to be either Always selected or Always not selected, the rule cannot be saved and the following error message appears:

General error

CTM-5986Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Tools domain, times are displayed incorrectly if Control-M/EM Server runs in a different time zone.No
CTM-5100Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Tools domain > Site Standards > the Variable Name condition appears as Folder Name in the summary.No
CTM-3736Control-M WebIn Control-M Web, the session times out after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can now configure the session timeout using the KeepAliveTimeout system parameter.No
CTM-4545Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, if a Must be Defined rule is conditional, when creating a new Job, values are mistakenly auto-assigned to certain complex properties.No
CTM-4300Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, when loading a File Watcher job, the Start or Stop Time property is overwritten if the original property value contains a variable.No
CTM-5451Control-M Web

In Control-M Web, when creating a new SAP R3 job, for the property detectChildJobName, the following warning appears:

internal validation problem: Cannot read property 'job' of undefined

CTM-5656Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, if Control-M/Server is on z/OS, when scheduling criteria includes a Control-M Rule-Based Calendar with defined Days, Weekdays, and Month, the View schedule results are incorrect.No
CTM-5274Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Monitoring domain > if Audit and Annotation is enabled, when ordering a Service, the content entered into the Subject and Description annotation fields is not displayed in the audit report.No
CTM-5133Control-M WebIn the Planning domain, if a Site Standard exists whereby 2 or more must have rules affect a Job Attribute that share a list, and at least one of them includes a Rule Condition, when creating a new job, a list item is created for each must have rule and the condition is ignored.No
CTM-5639Control-M WebIn Control-M Web, a cross-site scripting vulnerability has been addressed.No
CTM-5212Control-M Web

The Control-M/EM server uses a version of the XStream Java library that is associated with several Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

CTM-5587Control-M WebIn the Control-M Web > Planning domain, when using a Rule-Based Calendar in a SMART folder that is based on another calendar with the same name, the view schedule fails.No
CTM-5555Control-M WebIn the Monitoring domain > Scheduling tab, if the time zone of local PC is manually changed, the Next Expected Run date for the next job in queue is incorrect.No
CTM-5417Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, when creating a Dummy job in a folder that is related to a site standard with a rule that Job/Tasktype is set to Command by default, the job changes to an OS job.No
CTM-5415Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, when a Site standard Rule is defined, whereby the Job attribute is Rule-Based Calendar (used by job), the Restriction type is Attributes must be defined, but Rule Format is left undefined, the schedule of the job cannot be defined as the Scheduling drop down list is empty.No
CTM-4455Control-M WebIn Control-M Web > Monitoring domain, when ordering a service with an Enumeration-type parameter that includes one or more of the values U, S, D, B, or N, parameter values are displayed incorrectly on-screen. An irrelevant full word is displayed instead of the single letter. The Service is ordered with the correct value.No
CTM-5438Control-M WebIn the Application Integrator Centralized Connection Profile, the Run as field is saved correctly but is shown empty when editing the profile.No
CTM-5659Control-M Managed File Transfer Enterprise

In Control-M MFT Enterprise, after upgrading from or to, upon login to the MFT Enterprise Configuration page, the following error message appears:

Failed to load gateway.json

CTM-5799Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn Control-M MFT Enterprise, after upgrading to, the as2_keystore.pfx file is not preserved, and is reverted to the default empty keystore.No
CTM-5319Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Managed File Transfer > Connection Profile, the Get Home Directory action ignores parameters added to the Manual Additional Parameters list, and can fail if a parameter is required.No
CTM-5967Control-M Managed File Transfer

In the Control-M client and Control-M Web > File Transfer job, when defining a valid transfer of a z/OS member, the following validation error appears:

You cannot copy a dir (the first transfer) into a file

CTM-5653Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when using local Linux file system Connection Profiles, certain commands and actions fail.No
CTM-5740Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job, when a non-existent Connection Profile name is defined, after clicking Refresh, instead of an error message, the following exception appears: System.NullReferenceException No
CTM-3765Control-M Managed File TransferControl-M MFT Enterprise > File Exchange is potentially vulnerable to clickjacking.No
CTM-5201Control-M Managed File Transfer

In Control-M Web > Configuration > Centralized Connection Profiles > File Transfer, when adding a dual endpoint File Transfer CCP, whereby the 1st host connects to File System and the 2nd host connects to FTP/SFTP, the CCP cannot be added, and even though all the required fields are filled in correctly, the following error message appears:

Some fields require your attention

CTM-5184Control-M Managed File Transfer

(Windows only) In Control-M MFT, the Handles count constantly grows.

NOTE: The JRE version in Control-M MFT was upgraded to 11.0.10.
If you have imported certificates to JRE/lib/security/cacerts (for example, if you are using an LDAPS integration), you need to import them again or copy the old cacerts from the backup area:

CTM-4404Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when transferring a file to a logical device in OpenVMS, the job ends OK but the file transfer fails.No
CTM-5535Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Client > File Transfer Job definitions, after typing a name for a dual-host connection profile and clicking the Refresh button, the details of the connection profile are not refreshed.No
CTM-4667Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when transferring a file from OpenVMS using the FTPS (FTP over SSL) protocol, the job fails with an error message that the source file was not found ("file not found"). However, the file is found when using the FTP protocol (without SSL).No
CTM-5220Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Agent, the memory used by the p_ctmam process (the Control-M/Agent Recovery process) increases constantly when running MFT jobs.No
CTM-5334Control-M Managed File Transfer

In the Control-M client > File Transfer job, a job that transfers a file from an FTP server fails and the following error message appears in the job output, even though the transfer was successful:

Error occurred while trying to close download stream: Read timed out

CTM-5332Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > MFT job > Advanced, if Create an empty file on destination is selected, when the empty file name does not include a variable, an empty file is meant to be created even if no files are transferred, but the empty file is never created.No
CTM-5208Control-M Managed File Transfer

File transfer fails with FTP over SSL when the FTP server does not send the close_notify event. To ignore FTP servers that do not sent close_notify events, add the following parameter to the file:


CTM-5245Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M MFT > Export Connection profile, when the source and the destination agents are both located on the same host with the same agent name, the destination agent does not appear in the drop down list.No
CTM-5318Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when there is no internet access to on the Agent, the MFT container does not start properly.No
CTM-5240Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > MFT > MVS templates manager > MVS template, when the additional options contains a comma (,) character, the command is truncated.No
CTM-5278Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, if moving a PGP decrypted file from a remote to a local directory fails due to a missing or incorrect directory name, the file is kept in the cm/AFT/pgp_tmp directory.No
CTM-5232Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when the source file name contains a '%' character, the file transfer fails.No
CTM-5231Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M MFT deployment on Control-M/Agent 9.0.20 fails, since the directory <Agent>/bmcperl, which is no longer in use, is empty as a result of a previous Agent upgrade.No
CTM-5229Control-M Managed File Transfer

In Control-M MFT, jobs fail to connect to the remote host, with the following error:

Failed to connect to host '<honstmame>' due to Error finalizing cipher data: pad block corrupted

CTM-5207Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, setting the ftp.performChangeDirectoryBeforeAction parameter to true does not affect file downloads.No
CTM-5091Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, the performance of Local to Local file transfers is slow, especially on NFS/SMB.No
CTM-5173Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, the user defined in the connection profile does not log off properly, resulting in a resource leak. This occurs when the com.bmc.aft.configurable.disableWinLocalImpersonation parameter is set to Y, which disables Windows impersonation.No
CTM-5183Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when running many jobs using File System type Connection Profiles, the user does not log off, eventually causing the process to hang.No
CTM-5126Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > Planning > MFT job, when manually typing connection profile names and clicking Refresh, the host, protocol, OS and user are not refreshed.No
CTM-5174Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, PGP execution fails when Windows impersonation is disabled by setting the com.bmc.aft.configurable.disableWinLocalImpersonation parameter to Y.No
CTM-5177Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when the additional parameter s3.disable.multipart.upload=true in Connection profile is set, uploading files larger than 5GB to AWS S3 fails.No
CTM-5367Control-M for DatabasesIn the Control-M for Databases job definition, the Package field does not appear when the database type is Oracle and the execution type is Stored Procedure.Yes
CTM-5468Control-M Automation APIProvisioning of an agent fails on a Windows platform that hosts multiple agents, returning a heap space exception.No
CTM-5485Control-M Automation APIDeployment of a calendar fails if the calendar description text contains control characters, such as \n (newline), \r (carriage return), or \t (tab), even if these characters are escaped with an additional preceding backslash character. To resolve this issue, support was added for escaped control characters in the calendar description. In addition, the deploy calendars::get command was adjusted to escape any detected control characters.No
CTM-5362Control-M Application IntegratorControl-M Web does not load after deploying a new Application Integrator job type that contains an illegal character.No
CTM-6057Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, jobs fail if a new line is entered in the What section of the job definition.No
CTM-5481Control-M Application Integrator

In a Control-M Application Integrator job > job definition, when clicking a load button that executes a WebService request, the following error message appears:

Error while trying to execute the job load button

CTM-5221Control-M Application IntegratorControl-M Application Integrator jobs fail when Control-M runs 50 or more jobs at the same time. In the job output, failed jobs include the NullPointerException error.No
CTM-5172Control-M Application IntegratorIn an Application Integrator job, when using a load button that is configured to parse XML content, the result is empty.No
CTM-4649Control-M Application IntegratorIn Application Integrator, a parameter that is used in the If statement in Output Handling is not resolved during job execution.No
CTM-4104Control-M Application Integrator

In the Control-M Application Integrator web designer, if there are two or more execution steps that are configured to extract data into the same runtime parameter, and one of the execution steps is deleted, then after validation of the job type, the following error message appears:

Error: Parameter <parameter_name> is defined in execute, but the parameter doesn't exist.

CTM-4567Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Web, Application Integrator job definition details are not displayed in the Planning domain when the Application Integrator job type is configured with field dependencies and is set to save a runtime parameter in Output Handling.Yes
CTM-4350Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator > jobs, headers are truncated when they contain '=' or '&' in a Web Service step. The fix for this issue includes a new table that is now available in the Control-M Application Integrator web designer, that avoids this issue when adding parameters and values to Web Service requests.No
CTM-5749Control-M Application Pack

In Control-M Application Pack version, when using a MSSQL database server version 2019, Control-M database jobs fail to run SSIS packages, and the following error message appears in the job output:

The system cannot find the file specified

CTM-5450Control-M Application PackIn Control-M Application Integrator, both newly created and existing jobs that include REST or SOAP calls fail if they include header parameters.
This issue occurs when the Control-M/EM version is and the Control-M Application Integrator version is 9.0.20 or lower.

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